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Updated on August 19, 2019


By LiceDoctors Technician, Sean McGee

In this blog, seasoned lice professional Sean shares how he helps clients with a caring and thorough approach. This is why his clients love him!

When I arrive at a customer’s house, I usually arrive to find a household in confusion and ready to turn the problem over to a professional.  They’ve usually been up the night before trying to fix a situation that to them seems hopeless.  So the first thing I do is to simply come in and talk to the customer.  I find out how long they have been aware of the case, how they found out, what they’ve done if anything in the way of treating the lice themselves, and so on.

I also talk to the children and joke a little with them and reassure them.  I really try to put a personal touch and read the situation in the house as best as hand high-five with small child looking up at the camera.

The next thing I do is reassure them that having calledLiceDoctors, they no longer have a lice problem, but rather a lice solution that works.  I explain the procedure and let them know that by following the after treatment follow-up, there is no way the lice will survive.

I also ensure I have everything we will need at our appointment.  I stop at a dollar store (I use Dollar Tree) and stock up on plastic combs for the appointment, hair ties, tarps for the floor, and clips for the towels so they don’t fall off their shoulders.

I make sure to remind them that getting lice is not something they caused to happen, but it really just happens.  However, I also teach them about the ways to prevent lice, using our lice repellant as an example.  I try to make sure they understand that there may be a lot of stigma and old wives tales about how you get lice, but that it has nothing to do with not washing your hair or being dirty.

My second goal at the appointment behind ridding the house of lice is education. While I am removing the lice, I try to make sure to take the time to show my clients what lice look like and what nits look like.  When it comes time to comb them out, I make sure they know what they are looking at so in the future they aren’t caught off guard should they encounter lice in the future.

chalk board with white letters THE NEXT STEP and outline of shoe prints.At the end of the treatment, I give my clients a very simple follow-up that ensures that the lice are gone and stay gone.  I also leave my phone number so that if they have any questions, I can help them if possible. That personal touch is what sets us apart from other fly by night lice treatment companies.

If you are in the Encino and Sherman Oaks area and find lice in your family, call LiceDoctors today at 310-923-9787 and a qualified lice technician will remove the lice from your hair and educate you on ways to prevent future lice infestations.