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Highlight: Lice Removal Information

Updated on April 8, 2017

Did you know that: Head lice are more common in warm and hot weather months and are active year-round in climates like Phoenix. Hot weather encourages reproduction among hearty desert lice. Head lice are constantly adapting to their environment and have continued to do so for a million years.  The only way to get rid of them is to suffocate them and physically remove the bugs from the hair. Related Link: Lice Season Peaks in Phoenix When School Returns


Meet Debbie, our Phoenix lice removal specialist

I joined the LiceDoctor team when they opened in Phoenix, Arizona. I truly love working as a member of the team with Karen and Wendy. Often people kind of shiver when they find out what I do BUT think about it—what job in the world makes people so glad to see you arrive and so happy to see you leave? Often we get to the clients’ homes and find they are almost in tears, have not slept and are just plain "unglued" over the presence of head lice. The main part of my job is to eradicate the lice of course but just as important I need to educate them about the myths verses reality of head lice and help them understand the life cycle of these critters. Once this has been accomplished most of the fear and anxiety is gone. Working with the kids is an added bonus.

Helping People With Lice

Because I am very active in the pet rescue world I tell the people immediately that pets do not contract or carry lice. This always brings a sigh of relief to all who love their pets. One of my first calls with LiceDoctors was with a family whose little girl lived in the Ronald McDonald house for ten months. When she was well enough to come home her parents promised her a pet. She chose a pet rat—the domestic kind. The father wasn't particularly fond of the rat and was certain that he had brought the lice into the home. He told his daughter she would need to get rid of her pet which broke her heart. After showing him written report, after, written report verifying that pets don't carry lice he agreed to let her keep the pet rat if I would do a complete check for lice on this sweet little creature. Very carefully the daughter and I started checking her pet with my lighted, magnifying headset. We systematically checked every crook and cranny of his little body (under the father’s supervision). Even between his little toes and in his ears. Needless to say he was clean as a whistle and the father recanted his directive that she had to get rid of her pet. Everyone was happy with the success of our Phoenix lice removal service including me! Debbie M. Phoenix, AZ Our job at LiceDoctors is to help the whole family—Removing the lice is just part of the job and I love it!


The Latest From Debbie

Last week was like any other week really but this morning when I unpacked my case it reminded me of so many of the nice people I met while working for LiceDoctors. Gift giving is what I like to do but three little ones from different families beat me to it. My gifts included:

  • Box of homemade cookies
  • Lovely little note prepared by a six year old and tucked into my clipboard storage compartment
  • Bracelet made from water resistant tape--This little girl was concerned that I didn't have any jewelry. I explained about the oil and gloves needed when doing lice removal, and she made me this bracelet think it would resist the oil

Why do we do this? Yes to pay the bills but aren't we fortunate to have extra perks! Call us today at 602-753-0289.