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Home Lice Treatment vs Professional: What to Choose?

Home Lice Treatment vs Professional: What to Choose?
Updated on 
April 9, 2020

When you or someone in your household has lice, finding the right treatment option is crucial to your success. With the plethora of options available, you may struggle to decide after comparing prescription lice treatment vs over the counter treatments or maybe you are considering hiring a professional to handle the task. Which lice treatment option should you choose?


Preparation for Home Lice Treatment vs Professional

Treatments for head lice are an unexpected expense. However, time is money as well, so when considering what treatment option is right for you, it is very important to consider the cost of your time in trying to rid your family of head lice.

Treating Yourself For Lice

When treating yourself for lice, you’ll likely spend a good amount of time going to the store and getting the lice treatment you need as well as the tools. Once home, make sure you are set up with adequate amounts of everything you need, which includes:

  1. Regular comb
  2. Good nit comb
  3. Hair clips
  4. Lice treatment product

Professional Lice Treatment

Many families opt for professional treatment because of the minimal amount of preparation that is needed. Reputable professional services provide everything needed for treatment so that all you need to do is:

  1. Determine the most well lit place in your home
  2. Make sure everyone is in old clothes


Home Lice Treatment vs Professional Process

The process that is used for lice treatment must be thorough; there are no shortcuts. A good eye and good lighting are crucial as everything needs to be removed from the hair for the lice treatment to be successful.

Treating Yourself For Lice

Whatever home remedy or prescription remedy you choose to treat head lice, you will need to follow the instructions. To remove everything from the hair you will need a quality nit comb.

  1. Follow the instructions
  2. Saturate the hair with treatment
  3. Comb through the hair with a nit comb or let the treatment sit
  4. Wash out the treatment
  5. Manually extract all remaining bugs and eggs from the hair (this is especially difficult to do when self-treating)

Professional Lice Treatment

If you hire a professional to treat you and your family for lice, your involvement in the treatment will likely be minimal. Some parents opt to stick around and learn, others choose to do other things while the professional works. You’ll need to do the following:

  1. Ask any questions you may have about lice, the treatment, or the follow-up
  2. Pay attention to the follow-up instructions
  3. Note that with LiceDoctors treatments, you do not need to spend time scrubbing the house, doing mounds of laundry, or packing up your child’s toys


Home Lice Treatment vs Professional Cost

Cost is often one of the biggest determining factors for people considering what kind of lice treatment option is best for them. Since this expense is unexpected, finding a treatment option that fits your budget can be a make or break factor.

Treating Yourself For Lice

When it comes to lice removal, DIY lice removal can be an exercise in unnecessary frustration and money.  DIY lice treatment at home often requires multiple treatments. A conservative glance at what this might look like for one person is below:

  1. Doctor’s Visit –- $100.00
  2. Combs, brushes, hair accessories replacements— $50.00
  3. Homemade lice removal remedies— $50.00
  4. Over the counter lice shampoos – $50.00
  5. Prescription lice treatments—$200.00+
  6. Cleaning/washing expenses— $15.00
  7. Missed after-school activities— $100.00
  8. Missed work or babysitter expenses—$$$
  9. If treatment fails, start all over again! $$$

Professional Lice Treatment

If you opt to bring in the professionals, not only will preparation be less, but the cost is often less. Most professional treatments involve a one time treatment charge per head or per hour, and involve your doing minimal follow-up work:

  1. Per head treatment: $700-$800 for an average family of 4 at a lice clinic; or
  2. Hourly lice treatment: 2.5-3 hours to treat a family of 4 averaging $350-$400 (based on LiceDoctors prices).


Result of Home Lice Treatment vs Professional

Comparing home lice treatment vs professional lice treatment is not always straightforward. Your success with home treatment may bring forth a positive result, but more often than not, the result is a painstaking negative. However, your expectation with a professional lice treatment should always be eradication of head lice.

Treating Yourself For Lice

Despite your best attempts, the average length of a case of untreated or incomplete treatment of lice (even the best DIY get rid of lice plans) is 3 – 6 months!  Repetitive home remedy attempts (and they usually ARE repeated) will zap many hours and lots of dollars, as well as cause a lot of tears and frustration.

Professional Lice Treatment

Lice treatment with a professional, reputable head lice service should always result in total eradication of head lice as long as you follow any after-care instructions provided by your technician. LiceDoctors touts an unmatched 99.6% success rate among nearly 600,000 clients.


Skip those DIY efforts and go right for the good stuff: the professional treatment. You may very well save a lot of money, and just as important, it will save your sanity and will get the job done right. Call for professional lice treatment with LiceDoctors at 800-224-2537. Your lice technician knows what she is doing and will clean out the lice and nits today!

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