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Hidden Costs of Lice Removal at Home...Do-It-Yourself

Hidden Costs of Lice Removal at Home...Do-It-Yourself
Updated on 
April 9, 2020

LiceDoctors has seen many thousands of clients who have spent money on do-it-yourself lice treatments.  By the time they find us, they are upset that they have wasted their time and money on treatments that simply did not work.

While it’s current and fashionable to be a “DIY-er”, when it comes to lice removal, it’s an exercise in unnecessary frustration and $$$$$.  Because what you may not realize is that home spun lice removal is EXPENSIVE, not to mention nearly impossible. As a matter of fact, the average length of a case of untreated or poorly treated lice, believe it or not, is 3 – 6 months!   Time is money, and repetitive home remedy attempts (and they usually ARE repeated) can and will zap many hours and lots of dollars.  A conservative glance at what this might look like based on one person’s difficult case of lice is below:

Costs of Do-It-Yourself Lice Treatment at Home

  1. Doctor’s Visit –- $100.00
  2. Gadgets, combs, brushes, hair accessories replacements— $50.00
  3. Homemade remedies for lice removal at home— $50.00
  4. Prescription lice treatments—$200.00 
  5. Over the counter lice remedies products – $100.00
  6. Laundry detergent and electricity for washer and dryer— $20.00
  7. Missed after-school activities— $100.00
  8. Missed work or babysitter expenses—$$$

Additional Costs of Lice Removal at Home

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There are assorted other costs associated with in-home DIY treatments. These costs are not at all necessary to incur and when a LiceDoctors lice specialist makes a house call to you, she will explain why you do not have to waste money. Costs incurred with dry cleaning, buying new stuff, replacing products are all unnecessary. And all the intangible costs take a toll on your psyche and add stress to your life. These include, but are not limited to, hours of combing, cleaning, missed events (parties, activities), safety risk, chemical exposure, sleep deprivation, anger, anxiety, and stress on family, friends, and coworkers.

And we all know, lice usually hit more than one member of the family, so consider this when you calculate costs. 

Don’t Wait to Hire a Professional Lice Treatment Service

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Procrastination in hiring a professional to remove lice is common, but in the long run, ill informed. You may initially calculate the cost at $15 for a lice removal shampoo and assess that is a better expenditure than a professional lice treatment but that is shortsighted. Frankly, chances are that the lice treatment kits will not be effective as they do not have an impact on the nits or super lice (lice that have developed a strong resistance to chemical lice removal shampoo).

Skip those DIY efforts and go right for the good stuff: the professional treatment, because it’s by far the greatest value.  You may very well save a lot of money in the long run, and perhaps just as important to you, it will save your sanity and your back. The peace of mind and ability to sleep at night and have your family return to normal life --that’s invaluable.

Hannah G., a mom of four, put it very well:

I am a full time mom and I was sure that I could handle getting rid of the lice that my two youngest daughters had. I started out with a lice shampoo that I bought at the drug store. I followed up 10 days later with a second treatment like the directions on the box said. About a week or so after that I checked the girls and was really shocked to see more eggs in the hair. Almost simultaneously, I noticed that my oldest daughter was scratching her head. She now had lice and when I had checked her initially there were no signs of lice.

At this point, she told us, she started to despair and went online. “Lucky for us, that I found LiceDoctors.” When their lice technician, Laurie, went to their home she checked everyone and 3 of the 4 daughters had lice and so did Hannah. For some reason the second oldest daughter managed to avoid getting it. “Thanks to LiceDoctors, we have been clear for a month now, but I am convinced that we would not have gotten to this place without the help of a professional lice treatment service.”

If you are in Orem or surrounding areas, LiceDoctors will make a house call to your family at a cost that is often less than what you have already spent on DIY treatments (if you tried that route) and less than you would pay at a salon. And the convenience and confidentiality of mobile lice treatment certainly beats that of head lice centers including lice clinics and lice salons.

Call for a professional lice treatment at 801-477-4730. Your lice technician knows what she is doing and will clean out the lice and nits today. She will educate you on hair lice prevention strategies, as well. We have a track record of successfully eliminating lice in over 500,000 clients and we will help your family, as well. Treatments come with a 30 day guarantee.

We provide a friendly in-home lice removal service

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