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Head Lice Removed at Your Convenience

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Updated on July 18, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Sean McGee

LiceDoctors technician, Sean, explains how he accommodates clients and makes house calls on your schedule.

So there’s nothing especially appealing about the common louse, I have to admit. But as a technician for LiceDoctors, I have the privilege of meeting and helping a lot of different and interesting people. 

About 3 years ago, I received a call for a family that needed treatment on a Friday at about 7 pm. I almost didn’t go because I knew it was a rather large family and I knew it would be better to start in the morning; however, if you call, we respond, so I got dressed in my scrubs and left. 

CGI graphic image of colorless featureless character rushing to provide red cross aid.Everyone in the immediate family was always together, so there were nine people who needed treatment. Aunts, uncles, grandma, and, of course, children, including a 5 month old child. I arrived to discover that this was the worst case I’ve ever seen or heard about. This was another family trying in vain to treat themselves with over-the-counter and then prescription medications. Every time, the lice would come back immediately. They had tried the walk-in clinics but the clinics had also failed to treat them with any success. 

This was a job that was obviously going to take more than one visit, so I treated everyone who did not live in the house and then we agreed I would return the next day. I started treatment about 8:00 A.M. the next morning and got through everyone else except the mother and her infant son. We finally finished treating them and she wanted to buy some supplies from our collection of aftercare products, however, I was out. The mother agreed to meet me the next day and even though the house I was treating them at was 45 minutes from my home, it turned out that she lived just a block or two from me. We met up at a McDonald’s, of all places, and I gave her the products she wanted to buy. 

At LiceDoctors, your technician painted wooden sign reads OPEN hanging on a green painted doorwill go the extra distance to be sure that the lice go away and stay away. We come out at night, on the weekends, wherever and whenever you want us to treat your family. Most of the time, we treat clients in their own homes, where children are the most comfortable in their familiar environments. We have successfully eliminated lice in over 450,000 children and adults and we will make sure that you are successfully cleared, as well. No case is is too difficult for us.

Call LiceDoctors in the Catalina and Casa Adobes area at 520-549-2209 and a caring and conscientious lice technician will arrive at your house on your schedule. It doesn’t matter how many people are in your family, we will make sure that everyone is clear. That’s our guarantee.