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Riverside County's Lice Policy

Backbacks and Lice

Updated on July 23, 2020

Some schools in Riverside County have a “no nit” policy, which prevents children from entering school until there is no sign of lice or eggs. Other schools leave it to the discretion of the nurse and allow children into the classroom as long as they are free of bugs.

Riverside Schools

"Riverside School employees need to report all suspected cases of head lice to the school nurse or designee as soon as possible. The nurse or other designated individual will examine the student and any siblings of affected students or members of the same household. If nits or lice are found, the student shall be excluded from attendance and parents/guardians informed about recommended treatment procedures and sources of further information. If there are two or more students affected in any class, all students in the class shall be examined, and information about head lice shall be sent home to all parents/guardians of those students. Staff shall maintain the privacy of students identified as having head lice and excluded from attendance. Excluded students may return to school when (1) they bring a note from the parent/guardian verifying treatment, and (2) reexamination by the nurse or designee shows that all nits and lice have been removed."

Moreno Valley Schools

“Head Lice is not an illness, but is a public concern. Schools continue to monitor and control the spread of Head Lice. Students with active lice will be removed from school. Student will be excused for up to three days to allow parents time to treat. Parents are to make every effort to remove all nits from the child’s hair. The school health office or a district nurse is available to provide families with treatment and eradication recommendations. The district nurse will have discretion as to the need for a child to be excluded or readmitted to school.”

Murrieta Schools

“If a student is found with active head lice, he/she is referred to the health office and it will be determined if the student is allowed to stay in school. The parent/guardian are given information about the treatment of head lice and encouraged to begin treatment of the student immediately and to check all members of the family. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics do not recommend excluding students with nits from attending school.

When it is determined that several students in a class or school are infested with head lice, the principal or designee may, at his/her discretion, notify parents/guardians of students in that class or school and provide them with information. about the detection and treatment of head lice.  For more information about lice prevention and control, click here or visit the CDC website  .”

If you encounter head lice in your children and would like our professional help, give us a call at 951-381-2240. LiceDoctors makes house calls in the Riverside area day and night, 365 days a year.