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Head Lice Drove Her Crazy Until She Found a Treatment that Worked!

woman pulling her hair out and screaming.

Updated on July 17, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Melissa Bernal Aldama

There are lice treatments and there are lice treatments. Some work and others don’t. Here LiceDoctors’ technician, Melissa, talks about how LiceDoctors made her life so much easier that she joined the team!


Oh how I hated that word and what it meant. Growing up I was prone to getting lice, it was like I was a magnet to them. graphic image of red horseshoe shaped magnet attracting nails.My childhood was spent getting cleaned over and over and also having to cut my hair when I didn’t want to. As an adult and mother I do my best to stay lice free. My daughter got them a few times and it was a nightmare having to clean them out.

Before finding LiceDoctors I would take every single egg out one by one; pulling them off each strand with my hands was very tiring especially with a little girl who was crying and screaming.

Then a few years ago, my now husband and I surprisingly got custody of his 3 daughters who were infested. I remember before they came to live with us, when they would come visit, I would use the “pulling out each nit” method spending hours and hours of effort only for them to go home and get infested again. So when we got custody I told my husband we are getting rid of those things once and for all!! That is how I found LiceDoctors!!

The LiceDoctors technician came and got them out so quickly. high angle soft focus hand reaching down to help a woman up a ladder.I was amazed by her lice treatment method of cleaning out lice, so much so i signed on. I had had plenty of experience but it was slow and painstaking work. When she came to clean out the girls I told our technician how good I am at seeing and removing lice and she encouraged me to apply; I’ve been working with LiceDoctors for over a year now and I love my job!

Assisting families with this nightmare is so pleasing to me as I know what a nightmare these little creatures are. I wish I could kill them all over the world (lol) but since that’s impossible, at least I now know how to eliminate the issue of lice if they are anywhere near me. I always say that LiceDoctors is amazing and I recommend them to everyone. No chemicals, just common sense lice treatments that always work. There is no need to suffer with lice when LiceDoctors has the answer: professional treatment in your home at the lowest prices around. Call 503-715-1726 for treatment today.