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Help! I have Head Lice and it’s a Holiday!

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Updated on July 17, 2020

What is a parent to do when he or she finds head lice on a holiday weekend? You need a helping hand and that’s LiceDoctors!

We at LiceDoctors understand how upsetting it is to find lice on your children’s heads. It’s a creepy feeling and, moreover, can feel very overwhelming. photo image evoking patriotism and celebration pineapple with sunglasses on a red-white-blue banner.You want to take care of it right away and the last thing you want to learn is that nobody can treat your family because it is a holiday. You don’t want to spin your wheels washing clothes, vacuuming everything in sight, and applying chemicals that don’t work. You want to cut to the chase and get it done right and right now!

photo image evoking thanks and celebration cornucopia fruit flowers colorful dried corn cobs.That is where LiceDoctors comes in. An experienced lice technician is available whenever you need her, even on a holiday weekend. LiceDoctors technicians are on standby so that we can dispatch them to your home even if it’s Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, or any other holiday. Lice do not abide by a typical calendar so neither do we!

There is no value to cleaning up a house if there are still 24 numbered wrapped brown paper packages advent lice or viable eggs in the hair. The case will continue to progress with each louse laying six to ten eggs a day. The sooner you put an end to an active case, the better. LiceDoctors is available every day of the week and every night of the week, 52 weeks a year. Call LiceDoctors in the Lehigh Acres area at 239-284-1308 for professional lice treatment in your own home even on holidays!