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Have Head Lice?!? No Need To Panic!

Have Head Lice?!? No Need To Panic!
Updated on 
August 27, 2019

No need to panic. LiceDoctors technician, Shianna, assures you: lice cases are manageable!

If you are reading this, chances are you suspect that you, or someone in your family, might have head lice. <insert horror="" movie="" scream="" here=""></insert>.

graphic novel style cartoon of woman appearing to scream with wide open mouth and startled eyes.

If you have never tackled a head lice infestation before, it can be overwhelming. I’m sure your google searches of severely infested, creepy crawly heads will haunt your dreams, but how do you know if you or your family are living this microscopic nightmare? Do all cases look the same? Let us ease your mind, and hit you with the truth: a lice infestation, even in severe cases, is manageable!

Step One: Identify

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First you must make a visual confirmation that there is a lice infection. To do this, make sure you have adequate lighting and start by separating the hair to expose the scalp (you can do this anywhere on the head, but I recommend checking 4 to 5 spots for confirmation). Closely look at the hair, you MAY notice small oval translucent brownish spots on the hair. These little spots have the same shape as rice and are STUCK to the hair. This means, if you rub them, they will not just disconnect from the hair. You may even see some live bugs walking around, making your head their home like they pay rent. Note: if what you are seeing is white and sticky, those are likely not lice eggs; they are secretions from from oil glands. To confirm, pull from hair and place on white paper towel. If they are brown, they are lice eggs (nits); if they are white or cream colored, they are not nits.

If you see these things, chances are you are experiencing head lice. Lice bugs are parasites. This means, much like your grown 30 year old child still living in your house and eating your food, they are sucking the life out of you. (I’m kidding….kind of). Lice can not live without a host, and they do not attach to your scalp but rather right to the hair shaft. Without blood supply from a host, lice will not thrive, and soon they will die. This should give you some comfort that they are not setting up a time-share on your couch or pillow case. But, they have overstayed their welcome haven’t they?

Question: I see white spots in my hair, but they are not stuck to my hair, and I can rub them off easily? Is this lice? Answer: Chances are, if there is an abundance of white flakes toward the scalp that are easily removed, you have some dandruff. Many times, especially in those with darker hair, lice is assumed before the common case of dandruff. If you are unsure, get a second pair of eyes.

Lets move on.

Step Two: Treat

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Now that we have confirmed it: you have lice. What are we going to do about it? First, take a breath. It’s really nothing to get worked up over and is more common than you think. Avoid running to the drug store and picking up all the lice-killing chemical filled products, and there is no need to skip town and change your name.

You can try to treat on you own if you wish. You need good lighting and patience. Apply oil, comb through the hair, wiping the comb after each stroke. Then you should go through the hair and pick out any nits that the comb missed. If you leave behind nits, they will hatch in about 10 days and you will be back to square one.

OR for quicker, guaranteed results, give a call to LiceDoctors to set you up to have a technician come out to your home and begin the treatment process for you and your family. During your visit you can ask questions, understand the steps and processes for best results, and finish with the confidence that you are overcoming your infestation nightmares.

Step Three: Follow-Up

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Now, I know I said this wasn’t a big deal, and I do mean it. But getting rid of these creepy-crawling squatters is not a one day thing. To guarantee you will not be the next breakfast for these tiny terrors, you need to do a simple after care protocol. Maintaining a follow up plan determined by your technician, of applying oil and combing on a few subsequent days or nights, guarantees that you have put this ordeal behind you!

You can ease your mind and your nit filled noggin, by calling LiceDoctors at 203-302-9002 . An expert lice technician will be at your house in the Stamford and Greenwich area at your convenience to eradicate your head lice and leave you with peace of mind.

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