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Of Lice and Men | Will Running To Salon Help?

Hair Salon Health Violation

If you discover head lice in your hair, you may be inclined to run out to your hair salon to get your hair cut short. Be mindful that hair salons can not provide you with a hair cut as it is a health code violation. If you want to cut your hair to make it easier to find and remove head lice, we recommend that you trim the hair at home, then have your hair treated to eliminate the lice and then you may go to the salon to get a professional cut. Having said that, the vast majority of people LiceDoctors treats do not cut their hair prior to treatment. Unless you have unusually long and unruly hair with a very advanced case of head lice, there is no real need to cut your hair. Even if you have very long, unruly hair, we can still eradicate the lice without your having to get a hair cut. It may take a little longer than average, but if you do not want to cut your hair, you do not have to. The length of the hair is not as important as being able to get a comb through. No matter what the length, it speeds up the lice removal process if you get out major tangles before LiceDoctors arrives at your house.

Shaving Head Can Be Helpful

Buzz Cuts and Lice

Shave and a buzz cut please For boys, keep in mind that while shaving the head is very helpful (although not desirable to many families), it is also not fool proof. If there is any hair at all the lice can cling to it in order to remain in the head to access blood. We have treated males who have buzzed their heads after finding head lice, and in some cases nits and bugs have remained. The bottom line is that while it is true that the less hair you have, the easier it is to find nits, any professional should be able to eradicate your head lice. LiceDoctors technicians do so with each family they treat; our plan is so successful that we offer a 100% guarantee!

Chemical and Do-It-Yourself Lice Treatments