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Greeley and Loveland School Head Lice Policies

Greeley and Loveland School Head Lice Policies
Updated on 
February 25, 2020

Schools in Greeley and Loveland do not hold to strict “no nit” policies. Nits are recommended to be removed daily but children are expected to return to school the day after treatment.


“Your child has been found to have LICE / NITS (eggs). The following information will guide the treatment and follow-up care for your child. Having lice is nothing to panic or get embarrassed about, and can happen to any child. Please treat your child today. They are expected to return to school tomorrow and report to the health office for re-check before going to the classroom.

What is head lice (pediculosis).

  1. Head lice are common among children in all socioeconomic groups and are not a health hazard or sign of uncleanliness at home or school.
  2. Lice are crawling insects that live on the human scalp and hair. Lice DO NOT hop or fly.
  3. Head lice can be a nuisance but they have not been shown to spread disease.
  4. Lice are the size of a sesame seeds (usually brown) and feed on small amounts of blood.
  5. Lice lay oval shaped eggs (nits) that are firmly attached to hair close to the scalp.
  6. The lice lay their eggs or nits near the base of the hair with a glue-like substance. They are tiny yellowish-white oval specks attached to a hair shaft. Nits may look like dandruff, but they cannot be easily removed because they are glued to the hair shaft.


  1. Nits or eggs are usually found behind the ears, at the top of the head and at the neckline (hairline).
  2. tching behind the ears and above the neck, redness of the scalp.

Incubation period

  1. Nits hatch in 10-14 days
  2. Adults live 3-4 weeks on the body


Over-the-counter and prescription treatments are available. Treatment instructions should be followed closely. Nits can survive treatment, so a second treatment is necessary 7 to 10 days after the first treatment. Removing nits from the hair using a nit comb is recommended. Daily combing of the hair using a nit comb is needed until no more nits are found.”

Source: Greeley Schools Head Lice Notification

District 6 Health Exclusion Guidelines

Lice: Exclusion is for children found with live head lice only.  Data does not support school exclusion for nits (lice eggs).

Source: Greeley Schools Parent Student Handbook


General Information

“Although lice are a communicable condition, they are not known to transmit disease or pose any hazard to you or your child’s health. Head lice are most common among pre-school children attending child care, elementary school children and household members of infested children. Lice are tiny insects the size of a sesame seed and feed on small amounts of blood. Lice lay oval-shaped eggs (called nits) that are firmly attached to hair close to the scalp often found near the ears and neck line at the back of the head. The tiny eggs can look like flakes of dandruff on the hair, however instead of flaking off the scalp, they stay firmly attached to the hair shaft.

Returning to school

  • A student with head lice should not miss school. Shampooing and combing of nits can be done daily after school.
  • A student identified as having lice will be inspected in the Health Office for live lice and nits upon returning to school and again in 7 to 10 days.
  • Close household and school contacts of affected students may also be inspected for head lice.”

Source Thompson School District The ABCs of Head Lice

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Treasure Coast School Lice Policy
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October 27, 2020

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