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To Get Rid of All the Nits, You Have to Get Down to Business

Updated on April 16, 2017

Portland LiceDoctor's technician picking lice

LiceDoctors technician, Karen, gets rid of nits and bugs on the head of her young Portland client. Picking out nits takes time, knowledge, and patience. In order to get rid of a case of lice, one has to be able to recognize nits and then know how to extract them from the hair. Note in the picture to the right how close Karen is to the head of the little girl. There's a good reason for this; nits, which are lice eggs, are very tiny and they blend into the hair. If you do not have a magnifier and good light, and get close to the head you are bound to miss a few. Once that happens, you're going to end up back in the beginning of the cycle. The nits that are left in the head will ultimately hatch, nymphs will emerge, and those nymphs will mature to become reproducing adult lice. LiceDoctors offers many benefits to our clients. One of our key value-added qualities is that we know how to recognize the nits and how to extract them from the hair. It is not a task to be taken casually; one has to be extremely attentive to detail. If you get distracted or the child is not cooperate and you lose your place, you will likely leave some nits behind. It also helps if you can distinguish between nits and dandruff and between nits and DEC plugs so that you know what you are pulling out of the hair. We are really proficient at finding and removing nits and that is why we are well suited to eradicate your lice infestation. No need to have another lousy day; just pick up the phone and call LiceDoctors in the Portland area at 503-715-1726 anytime of the day or night and we will get a technician to you as soon as you want us. Call LiceDoctors in Portland and nearby areas at 503-715-1726 now, or check out our quick appointment form.