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Framingham School Lice Policies

Framingham School Lice Policies
Updated on 
June 5, 2018

Framingham Schools

Framingham schools do not have a “no nit” policy ; students with lice and/or nits may remain in school at the discretion of the school nurse.

“Head lice (pediculosis) is a common childhood condition that affects many

families during the school-aged years. Head lice outbreaks in our children and schools are best managed with a collaborative community effort. The Head Lice Management Plan established by School Health Services is designed to be family friendly and sensitive to individual needs. Our goal is to support families and keep children where they need to be...in school!

School Health Services will support families with strategies that emphasize prevention and early detection. Educational materials which address up-to-date methods for treating and controlling lice at home and in our schools will be available from our school nurses.

Families will support the school community by taking an active role in head lice management through prevention, early detection, and the timely use of effective treatment options.

The School’s Role in Head Lice Management

 Classroom screening activities will take place at the discretion of the school nurse.

 Children will be screened at school if lice are suspected or as a result of a reported case.

 Families will be notified by school personnel the same day their child has been identified with head lice. Dismissal from school will be at the discretion of the school nurse.

 If a student is identified as having a case of head lice (nits and/or live lice), he/she will be assessed and referred for treatment at home using safe and appropriate treatment methods will be at the discretion of the school nurse.

 Siblings and close contacts of the identified student in the school/district will be assessed for head lice.

 Families of other students in the classroom of the identified student will be notified if there are multiple cases of lice in a classroom. Additional notifications will be at the discretion of the school nurse.

 Families of children with head lice will be provided with information regarding treatments and management of head lice.

 The school nurse will assess a student for infestation prior to his/her return to the classroom. The parent/guardian will accompany the student and remain until the assessment is completed. Several assessments may be required.

 If nits are found following treatment, at the nurse’s discretion, the student may be returned to class or dismissed to home for additional care.”

Source: Framingham School Dist

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Delaware School Lice Policy
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November 5, 2020

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Brandywine School District Brandywine schools have become more lenient with respect to allowing students to be in school with lice or nits. "The BSD lice management guidelines have been changed to reflect standard practice as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Association of School Nurses, the American School Health Association, the Harvard School of Public Health,and many other policy making organizations.

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Pflugerville and Jollyville School Lice Policy
Updated on 
December 8, 2020

Pflugerville and Jollyville School Lice Policy

Schools in Pflugerville and Jollyville do not adhere to strict “no nit” policies regarding head lice. Infested students can be treated at home and return to school without missing valuable class time.

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