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Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield School Head Lice Policies

Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield School Head Lice Policies
Updated on 
July 10, 2019

Schools in Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield do not adhere to a strict “no nit” policy with regard to head lice. Once a child has been treated and no live lice or nits less than 1/4” from the scalp are found, he or she will then be allowed to return to school.


Student suspected of having head lice during school:

  • Student may return to class but restricted from activities involving close contact (*students with symptoms generally have had lice for a number of weeks …..a few more hours doesn’t make any difference and the emotional/psychological harm is much greater)
  • Parent will be notified by phone as well as by written letter
  • Letter to be sent home to notify classmate’s parents asking them to check all of their children for head lice
  • Public Health fact sheet sent home to assist parents.

Student with suspected case of head lice returns to school:

  • Student and Parent must return to school office with signed confirmation of treatment.
  • Designated school personnel will re-examine the student student’s hair:
  • Student will be readmitted to school if not live lice are found
  • Any student with nits (farther than ¼ inch from scalp) should return to class
  • Parent will be encouraged to continue daily lice checks and nit removal for the next 2-3 weeks
  • Periodic checks of the students hair by designated school personnel will be done over the next few weeks until there are not further signs of infestation

Source: Farmington Hills Schools Head Lice



Infrequently, students are found with head lice at school. When this happens, a child needs to be treated for head lice. A letter is sent home to parents notifying them that a case of head lice was reported in their child’s classroom. Regular screenings at home is an effective way to eliminate head lice from the school setting.

Families should be checking their children on a regular basis.

More information is available in the State of Michigan Head Lice Manual

Source: Beechview School Student Handbook

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