Dyed Hair and Head Lice | Will It Keep Them Away?

Dyed Hair and Head Lice

Does dyed hair prevent head lice? At LiceDoctors, we are often asked if people with dyed hair are immune to head lice. The answer is a definitive no. The reason we can be so sure of that is that we have treated hundreds of people with dyed hair who have head lice. Head lice do not care if your hair has been colored. As long as the louse can grab on to a follicle, it can make its way to the head where its food supply is (human blood).

Hair Color May Kill Lice, But Not Nits

There is some evidence that hair color, when applied to hair that has been infested with lice, will kill active bugs. It does nothing to the eggs in the hair as lice eggs have an impenetrable shell. Unfortunately, those eggs will hatch and the cycle will resume. If your children have lice, you are at risk as well, whether or not your hair is natural or dyed.