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Downers Grove and Wheaton School Lice Policy

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Updated on June 17, 2020

By Karen Sokoloff
April 24, 2020

Schools in these districts allow students to remain in school until the end of the day when lice lice are found. These students are expected to be treated at home and return to school the next day free of lice. Students with nits only may stay in school.

Downers Grove Schools

This district abides by recommendations of  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatricsthe National Association of School Nurses and many others. Because lice are not an illness, it is recommended that school not exclude children. Research shows that most lice transmission occurs out of school.

The district educates its students as to how to prevent the spread of lice and advise not making direct head-to-head contact.  The nurse generally does not send home letters to parents when a case occurs. When several cases occur, a letter will be sent home.

Downers Grove District 58 Lice Procedures

Wheaton Schools

This district also does not exclude students because of head lice, but requires students with lice to be treated at home. The parents should let the school nurse know after treatment so she can check the child upon return. Children with live lice cannot remain in school after treatment. Everyone in the family should be checked and treated if necessary.

Community Unit School District 200 Head Lice Policy

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