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Does Medication Kill Lice?

Does Medication Kill Lice?
Updated on 
March 27, 2017

Generally lice medications do not work to kill lice because lice have mutated and are now resistant to the chemicals in lice shampoos. Also lice eggs (nits) have a hard shell that prevents chemicals from penetrating and killing them.

Do prescription shampoos work to get rid of lice?

We have also received a number of calls from parents asking about prescription lice shampoos. Prescription lice shampoos are more effective in killing lice (usually around 70% effective) than OTC, but that still leaves a number of cases where they do not work to kill the lice. In addition, like OTC lice shampoos, RX lice shampoos do nothing to kill the nits.

Do RID, Nix, or other lice shampoos work to get rid of lice and eggs?

What we have learned over the many years that we have visited infested families is that often these products do NOT work to kill bugs and that they certainly do not penetrate the shell of the nit. We have arrived at families who have completed lice treatment on a child using one of these products and have found lice crawling around the head impervious the chemicals. Drug store shelves are filled with these so called pediculicides. Since the average person has not had head lice experience, it is natural that she or he will run out to the store for a solution. School nurses still sometimes recommend these products. LiceDoctors has treated over 250,000 individuals and we can attest to the fact that we have seen many cases of head lice that fail to respond to these products. There are no shortcuts with head lice. You need to suffocate the bugs and physically extract the eggs. Why expose your child to chemicals that may be harmful and often are not even effective?

How about home lice remedies such as mayonnaise and Cetaphil?

We have explained to parents that these treatments are likely to be more effective than the chemicals because they may work to suffocate the lice. That’s the good news. The more challenging part is trying to get the nits out of the hair. Nit-picking can be very challenging for someone who is not experienced. It may seem like it should be easy but there are reasons why it’s not. Nits camouflage making them hard to see. They are glued to the hair and there is technique involved in pulling them out. If you leave a couple in the hair, how will you prevent the case from starting up again? Then, of course, there is the challenge of getting your child to sit for you; many kids are more cooperative with other adults in these situations than they are for mom or dad. LiceDoctors technicians use safe, all natural treatment treatments that are guaranteed to work every time. Technicians have the expertise developed in the field treating families like yours. Let your lice professional get rid of the lice in your family and make your life a little easier. After all, like the moms who call (and choose to have us treat her family), don’t you have enough on your plate already? Call a lice professional now at 800-224-2537 

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