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Does Chlorine Kill Lice?

Does Chlorine Kill Lice

Does Chlorine Kill Lice? Parents struggling to get rid of head lice try all kinds of means of eliminating head lice. You want these bugs gone yesterday and that is totally understandable. One question we have been asked by parents over the years is if chlorine will kill lice and/or nits. The short answer to that question is “no”. Other parents call to see if lice can travel through water in swimming pools onto someone else’s head. The answer to that question is also “no”.

Lice Immune To Most Chemicals

Head lice are immune to almost every chemical including chlorine. They are extremely hearty animals with a tough exoskeleton and they are impervious to chlorine. In addition, nothing penetrates the shell of the nits so these lice eggs are also unaffected by chlorine.

Can The Lice Swim From Child To Child?

Parents are also concerned that their children will pass lice along when at a swimming pool with other kids. The good news is that lice do not swim in water and therefore will not spread that way. An important caveat is that because head lice are passed from head to head, if someone is in close direct contact with another individual, even if the hair is wet in a pool, the bugs can crawl from one head to another. If your child has head lice, we recommend that you call us before you allow them to swim with other children. If, however, the child is swimming in a private pool not near other children, then there is no risk that the lice will linger in the water and attach to another person at a future time.

Lice at Camp or the Pool