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Do Men Get Lice?

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Updated on July 24, 2020

Do men get lice?

Although lice are more commonly found in females, each year thousands of males are diagnosed with head lice. Yes, males can get head lice. Lice feed off the blood in the scalp and if they can get access to a boy’s head then they will go there. In fact, because girls generally have longer hair, it is easier for a louse to find and climb up the hair of a female. Nonetheless, each year many boys are diagnosed with head lice. Adult men are less likely than young boys to get head lice. Some sources claim that the reason for that is that head lice do not like testosterone. A parenting magazine, JUNIOR, in its October 12, 2012 edition did a feature on head lice and stated, “It’s rare for fathers to get head lice, so some experts believe they don’t like testosterone.”

No Hair - No Lice

In addition, of course, men who are bald or balding are not likely candidates for head lice. If there is no hair on the head, then the lice have nothing to adhere to. Having said that, boys who get head lice and then get buzz cuts may still have head lice. We have treated a number of boys who had been diagnosed with head lice and then had their heads buzzed, and we have found anywhere from 1 bug/nit to hundreds of nits and bugs! The reason for that is if there is any hair left on the head, the nits can cling to that follicle and remain viable. It is important to note that boys who always have buzz cuts are not likely candidates for head lice, but if their hair had been longer and the lice climbed onto the hair and laid eggs, buzzing the hair may still leave lice and nits.

Short Hair On Boys Makes Finding Nits Easier

Because boys tend to have shorter hair than girls, it is usually easier to find nits in the hair. Remember, though, that nits camouflage in the hair meaning that it can be challenging to find them even in a boy’s hair. Be careful about bringing an infested child to a barber as hair salons are forbidden to cut hair that has lice and nits.  To be sure that your son is clear, call LiceDoctors and our expert technician will let you know right away if he is infested or clear and will take care of any lice case immediately and effectively. Learn more at our Lice Education Center

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