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Connecticut Schools Head Lice Policy

Connecticut Schools Head Lice Policy
Updated on 
March 27, 2017

Some CONNECTICUT Schools Loosening Criteria

Several CT schools have loosened their criteria regarding admission to school but have not gone as far as to adopt a "no-nit policy". Some schools have a somewhat ambiguous policy, relying heavily on the nurse's discretion. For example Greenwich, Connecticut has the following policy: "Greenwich Public Schools, in agreement with the Harvard School of Public Health, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Association of School Nurses, recognizes that the management of head lice should not disrupt the educational process, especially since no disease process is associated with head lice.

Further best practice suggests that regular head lice screening in schools does little to reduce the incidence of head lice. Rather it is more important that parents regularly inspect their child for head lice, perhaps at the same time they inspect their child for the presence of deer ticks, a far more serious threat to their child's health.

Further, as we all know, all health information regarding students is absolutely confidential, and the student's privacy must be respected. Therefore, any child who exhibits any symptoms of head lice should be referred to the school nurse who will work with the student's parents to care for the child and avoid further cases."

Some Schools Maintain Strict No Nit Policies

Branford Public Schools

Bristol-Burlington Schools

New Haven Unified School District

Hartford Public Schools

  1. "If live lice or nits appearing in close proximity to scalp or on clothing are observed the student is to be considered to have pediculosis. In this situation the Principal will exclude the student, and the nurse will instruct the parent or guardian on treatment procedures and precautions against spreading. The school nurse aide or Principal will notify parents immediately.
  2. The nurse will do head checks on all students in the classroom and on any students who are siblings of infected student. Examination consists of sectioning and parting of hair using wooden applicator sticks. If students have siblings in other schools, the nurse will notify the school nurse of that school. The siblings will be screened immediately.
  3. Identified students may return to school immediately following treatment which includes the application of head louse shampoo. The parent will be required to sign a statement attesting to the administration of an appropriate treatment, and the student will be rescreened by the nurse. (Editorial nite from LiceDoctors that our treatment has Ben used and accepted by this district".
  4. Identified students are to be rescreened seven to ten days after readmittance to school.
  5. To ensure confidentiality, the names of the students who have pediculosis will be shared with no other parents and with only those staff members which the Principal deems to have a reason to know. No parents other than the parent of a student in question will be present when a student is being individually rechecked by the nurse or health aide.
  6. ​If a student’s pediculosis problem does not appear to be eliminated by the standard medical treatment, the school medical advisor may intervene and request the school Principal to exclude the student from school until all lice or nits have been removed from the student's head."

Wethersfield Public Schools

West Hartford Schools

Vernon Public Schools

East Windsor

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