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Cleveland School Lice Policy

Updated on February 15, 2020

Cleveland City Schools

Cleveland School Lice Policy

Cleveland schools retain a “no nit” policy, although the initial day of diagnosis by the schools is a bit more lenient than some schools, as children with lice or nits may remain in school that day if the parent or guardian cannot be reached. The Cleveland schools web site states, “It is preferred that the parent come to the school immediately to take their child home to undergo treatment. If the parent cannot be reached by phone, a letter regarding the finding of head lice/nits, the necessary treatment measures, and the school’s policy for readmission should be sent home with the student. Additional information provided by the school nurse regarding head lice prevention and treatment should also be sent home. The parent should be instructed to accompany their child upon return to school following treatment. This allows school personnel an opportunity to gather information from the parent regarding the treatment measures that were taken and to permit designated staff to make a cursory examination of the child to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. If treatment does not appear satisfactory (live lice or nits remain in the hair), the student should not be readmitted to school and will need to return home with the parent. If the student is found to be free of live lice and nits and the parent reports that appropriate treatment measures were taken, the student should be readmitted to school. A student who has been sent home with head lice/nits should return to school, free of head lice and nits, at the end of 2 calendar days. Absences from school during the 2 calendar days will be excused. For each occurrence of head lice/nits, absences beyond 2 calendar days will be unexcused. Learn more at

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools

Like the Cleveland School District, Chagrin Falls maintains a “no nit” policy. The district emphasizes lice education in an effort to prevent head lice outbreaks within the school. According to the web site, “Prior to returning to class, the school checks the student after treatment is administered by the parent to assure that treatment was adequate to eliminate live lice and nits (eggs) close to the head. The school reassess the student 7 days later to assure that the student has remained lice free. The parents of the other students in the class are notified that a child within the class has lice, along with basic lice detection and treatment information as well as the Nurse’s phone number for additional information and consultation. If a cluster of students within the same class are found to have lice, whole class checks will occur.” Learn more at

Shaker Heights School District

Shaker Heights School Lice Policy

The lice policy for the Shaker Heights schools approximates the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses which allow for children who still have nits, but have been treated, to return to school. The policy is as follows: “Parents of students with live lice will be contacted and that the child should be treated prior to returning to school. If parents cannot be reached, a letter with educational material will be sent home with the student. Students with live lice are permitted to remain in the class consistent with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. Parents may choose to take their students home for treatment but the school district does not require that. Parents of students with nits will be notified that nits or suspected nits were found and will be advised to check their child’s head daily for the following 2 weeks for lice and to make every effort to remove the nits.” While Shaker Heights maintains the most liberal policy regarding head lice admission to schools, in all schools in the Cleveland area it is recommended that families do lice treatment protocols on their children in order to kill the lice and remove the nits. Chemical treatments are generally not effective for getting rid of lice and nits; it is important to know what lice look like so that you can remove lice from the head. Learn more at LiceDoctors will come to your home and eradicate your case of head lice so that you don’t transmit it to other children in the classroom.