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Chesapeake School Lice Policies

Chesapeake School Lice Policies
Updated on 
July 23, 2018

Chesapeake school district retains its lice procedures which call for students to be lice and nit-free and require students to be treated and checked by a school nurse before returning to class.

“Students, who have previously been affected with head lice, have been treated and are "nit free" may return to school once:

  • The-school nurse has examined the student.
  • The parent has provided proof of treatment to the school nurse.

All previously affected students should be rechecked in 7-10 days. Questions should be directed to Chesapeake Public Schools Health Services Department at (757) 494-7628.

Guidelines for Head Lice

Pediculosis Capitis (Head Lice) are very small, light brown, wingless insects that live in human hair close to the scalp. Head lice cannot fly or hop; they move by crawling, and are usually spread by direct head to head contact.

Students with head lice will be excluded from school. Any student attending school with head lice will be brought to the school nurse and the following guidelines will be applied:

. The parent will be notified and requested to pick up the student.

  • The student will be referred for treatment.
  • The student will be excluded from school until totally "nit (egg) free".
  • The student will not be permitted to ride the bus until cleared by the school nurse.
  • The school nurse will examine students in close contact with the affected student.
  • lf there are siblings at other schools, those schools will be notified.”

Source Chesapeake Public Schools

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