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"Can we get some help for my frustrated mom?"

Updated on April 11, 2017

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Experience Matters When it Comes to Lice Picking

"I was taught to be self-reliant" cried Nadine, a mom from Des Moines who has 4 children, and was literally in tears. "What is the matter with me that I can't exterminate the lice in my kids' hair? I grew up on a farm and we dealt with bugs in the crops all the time. Bugs do not scare me or bother me yet no matter what I do nothing works to get rid of these damn lice! My mother cannot believe that I am reaching out for professional help but I am at the end of the road in terms of alternative treatment ideas. When I think of how much money I have wasted on all of the treatments that I have tried it makes me want to cry even harder." This was our response to Nadine who like so many conscientious parents set high standards for themselves and then berate themselves if they can not accomplish a task: "Lice picking is not like other tasks. You really need to be trained in nitpicking so as not to leave behind even a single nit." Why is this task so hard to accomplish if you are not trained and experienced?

  1. Lice have become so tough as to be resistant to chemical treatments. These products will likely be of little to no help to you.
  2. No matter how determined you are, this is a time-consuming task, made much more time-consuming if you're not experienced. It requires that children sit still for very long periods of time and that you drop other tasks in order to get this one done.
  3. You need to be able to identify nits in the hair which requires good magnification and the ability to discern the little eggs which camouflage in the hair. Then you need to pull them down the hair shaft. If you overlook 2 nits, you can expect a re-infestation.
  4. This is usually not a "one and done" effort unless you have an appropriate follow-up plan.
  5. Lice bugs race around the hair so you need to either have a strategy to slow them down so you can pull them out or figure out a away to kill them on the head.
  6. How are you going to check and treat yourself? Lice have to be removed from everyone's head or you will keep passing it around the house.
  7. The more you do it, the better you get. That is why LiceDoctors' technicians who experienced and come armed with our physician-developed treatment plan get rid of lice infestations in every client.

Don't keep hitting your head against the wall (so to speak), let LiceDoctors come to your home and help you out. An experienced lice technician will be there at whatever time is convenient for you. We will get rid of your head lice...that is a guarantee!