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Can Pets Get Lice?

Can pets get lice

Can kitty get lice? We are often asked the question of whether pets can get lice. The answer is no. While lice are extremely hearty, they require certain conditions to survive and animals do not have those conditions. Mainly, lice are temperature-sensitive. The temperature of the human head is perfect for the survival of head lice. Animals including cats and dogs have temperatures that differ from human temperatures. If a louse climbs off the human head and onto a family pet, it is akin to the louse landing on an inanimate object; the louse will die within a day.

Pets Can Provide Temporary Transport For Lice

Can Dogs Get Lice Dogs can't get lice, but can transport lice. There is one caveat to this statement: while lice can not live on animals, animals can be a vector. What this means is that like a sofa, theatre seat, rug, hair brush, or piece of clothing, a pet can provide a short-term landing spot for bugs that can survive there for about 24 hours. If someone picks up the family dog or cat and a live louse has just arrived there, that bug can then climb out and onto a person and up to his or her hair. Lice are not feeding from the blood of the animal; they are simply waiting there (for a short time) for the opportunity to find a real home--a human head where they can get their food supply.

Don't Worry About Fido Or Kitty

If your family has head lice, you do not have to worry about Fido or Kitty. Within a day, any lice on them will be dead. You only need to concern yourself with getting all of the bugs and nits out of the hair of humans in your family. Give LiceDoctors a call and an experienced lice professional will be at your home today to make sure that we clear up your case and get you back to your every day life--lice and nit free. [button link="/lice-education-center.html" color="slate_grey" target="_self" size="medium"]Learn more at our Lice Education Center

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