Can Men Get Lice in their Beards?

Bearded father holding child in his arms, both are smiling

Occasionally we are asked if men can find a lice infestation in their beards. See our answer below:

It is Possible, Although Unlikely, that a Person will Find Lice or Nits in his Beard

We have been treating head lice for over 20 years and have only come across lice in the beard 3 times. Whereas, lice can use the beard to crawl up to the face to get blood, the reality is that they prefer the human head. 

Lice use hair as a ladder to get to the blood. They claw onto the hair strands and climb right up. Just like mosquitos, they use human blood as their food source. Some people are allergic to the saliva secreted by the lice when the bugs feed while others are insensitive to it. Those who are allergic will be itchy as a result of lice bites, while other people will be impervious to the bites.

Head lice will use any hair that is accessible to them to get to the human blood; they are parasites who feed on the blood three times daily. They appear to much prefer the head over the face. The likely reason for that is the head is warmer than the face, therefore the temperature is optimal for lice survival. 

If you have young children, then you are at increased risk for getting head lice. You may wish to keep your beard trimmed close if you are worried about getting lice. The reality is, though, that your chances of getting lice in your beard are very low. Now, at least,  you have some facts on which to base your decision. 

If you find lice, you can count on LiceDoctors to come to your home to help you. We guarantee that your technician-administered treatment will get rid of the lice. For more information on Head Lice in Men and Boys or call LiceDoctors day or night at 703-662-4519.