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Why Calling LiceDoctors Lice Professional Should Be The First Thing You Do

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Corrie Sweeney

LiceDoctors technician, Corrie, explains why and how a professional lice service is the best road to take when navigating your way around head lice.

My first experience with lice was in 2011 watching my next door neighbor deal with a seemingly never-ending case of it. She and her two girls with a lot of hair had a pretty bad infestation because their hair was so thick it took a long time before they discovered them. While I never helped her treat the lice, I heard all about it because it caused her so much stress all summer long. This began at the very end of the school year in June and I watched her struggle with it until the end of August. Every time she thought it was finally over she would discover new nits. She used at least a dozen boxes of the over-the-counter shampoos, bought special sprays for the house and car, tried an electronic comb that zapped the lice, vacuumed the house top to bottom daily, combed for hours and hours on end, and washed all the bedding every single day. I sat with her while she cried and contemplated shaving all their heads and told me she thought she would have a nervous breakdown if she found one more nit. At that point, I thanked my lucky stars we did not have them at our house because I could not imagine going through that.

When I saw an advertisement a few years later about job openings with the LiceDoctors I thought to myself how useful a service like that would have been to her. Neither of us had any idea that such a thing even existed. She would have called LiceDoctors immediately if she had known about them and would not have been dealing with lice for a full summer. I spent a few hours researching the company and immediately applied. I have always done jobs that are in the field of helping people and I knew this was a job that could really make a difference in peoples’ lives.

When I go to a client’s home one of the first questions I ask is, old fashioned brass alarm clock with question mark on face.“How long have you been dealing with the problem and what have you tried so far?”. I have heard many stories that sound like my next door neighbor spending weeks or months dealing with lice, multiple treatments including pricey prescriptions. I have even been to one house where the doctor prescribed a pill to treat the lice and they were told that it would kill the lice when they bit the head. Unless that stays in the system for three weeks or so, it will do nothing to take care of the nits, and the cycle will just keep going. I have seen live lice on heads just treated by the over-the-counter shampoos the night before my visit because lice have become resistant to those treatments. I’ve heard about the hundreds of dollars spent, hours dealing with the lice, and been told this is the end of their rope.

I reassure parents that this will be the last treatment that they need and the two wooden articulated puppets high-fiving over completed wooden block puzzle cube.follow-up a few times they will do over the next few weeks takes only minutes. I let them know I will also teach them how to deal with any future infestations in a snap. Children who are so tired of their parents combing them out will usually cooperate with me no problem once I show them my special comb and tell them I know exactly what I’m looking for and that I will be able to get their head totally clear of all lice really quickly. I explain everything, every step of the way, to both parents and children.

LiceDoctors uses all natural, chemical free processes that aren’t harmful to anything but the lice. The technicians are well-prepared to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently and teach you the process as we are doing it. We can travel almost anywhere to treat you discreetly in your own home or wherever you might be vacationing. We leave you with the right tools and information to handle any future infestations and tips on how to avoid getting lice again in the future. There is no need to waste any time or money on treatments that may not even work for you; call the LiceDoctors right away in the Elk Grove vicinity at 916-514-7031 for treatment at your convenience.