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Burleson and Mansfield School Lice Policies

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Updated on July 19, 2020

LiceDoctors reports that schools in the Burleson and Mansfield areas do not adhere to a strict “no nit” policy, excluding students instead based on the presence of live lice. This is a bit more conservative than recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses, which both recommend that schools allow students would live lice to remain in class until the end of the day. They are expected to return to school after treatment.


Burleson Public Schools

Parent/Guardian Notification:

• A parent or guardian of a student with lice shall be notified and the student will be sent home for a treatment.

• Active head lice are indicated by the presence of live lice anywhere on the head. Students with nits (egg sacks) down the hair shaft, as determined by the campus nurse, will not be excluded from school. These egg sacks are empty and are of no risk to the student or others.

  • If several students in the same classroom are found to have head lice, a general information letter may be sent out to parents/guardians of students in that classroom. These letters are sent at the discretion of the campus principal with input from Health Services.

Exclusion Protocol: Our exclusion protocol is designed to protect the integrity of the school day, and to minimize embarrassment and unnecessary isolation of students with head lice. Students who have evidence of head lice will be sent home from school so that treatment may begin as quickly as possible. The nurse shall provide the student’s parent/guardian information regarding appropriate treatment and prevention of head lice transmission.

Readmission Criteria: Students who have been excluded from school for lice shall be readmitted to school upon:

• Receipt of a statement signed by parent or guardian certifying that the student has been treated for head lice. The document should include the date of treatment, and name of treatment applied.

• A second statement signed by a parent or guardian certifying that the student has received a second treatment should be submitted to the school nurse within 7-10 days from the initial treatment. The

document should include the date and name of treatment applied.

• Examination by the school nurse prior to readmission to the classroom. Parents need to accompany their child to the clinic prior to readmission and be present during that examination. The nurse will

assess for efficacy of treatment and will readmit the student to the classroom when no signs of live lice are present.   

Source: Burleson Head Lice Management

Mansfield Public Schools

“Head Lice (All Grade Levels) Head lice, although not an illness or a disease, is very common among children and is spread very easily through head-to-head contact during play, sports, or nap time, and when children share things like brushes, combs, hats, and headphones. If careful observation indicates that a student has head lice, the school nurse will contact the student’s parent to determine whether the student will need to be picked up from school and to discuss a plan for treatment with an FDA-approved medicated shampoo or cream rinse that may be purchased from any drug or grocery store. After the student has undergone one treatment, the parent should check in with the school nurse to discuss the treatment used. The nurse can also offer additional recommendations, including subsequent treatments and how best to get rid of lice and prevent their return. Notice will also be provided to parents of elementary school students in the affected classroom. More information on head lice can be obtained from the DSHS website Managing Head Lice.” 

Source Mansfield Student Handbook

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