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Bowie School Lice Policy

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Bowie Schools Lice Policy

Like all schools in Prince George's County, Bowie schools have a “no nit” policy; children who have nits (eggs) will not be permitted to attend school.

“Children who have visible live lice or nits tightly attached at the scalp will be excluded from school at the end of the school day until the first treatment is completed. Egg cases farther from the scalp are easier to see but tend to be empty or nonviable and are of no consequence. The school nurse will inform the principal or designee of any active cases of pediculosis in the school. The school nurse will also check siblings and close friends of the infested child and may notify school nurses in other schools where siblings may attend. Parents will be notified preferably by phone or by note at the end of the school day. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that in an elementary school the most efficient way to deal with the problem is to notify the parents of all of the children in the affected child’s classroom, asking that they check their child’s scalp at home. The school nurse will send home a Head Lice Fact Sheet from the Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and a letter to parents of students in the index child’s classroom. Students will be readmitted to school with proof of treatment.”


LiceDoctors will make a house call to your family and eliminate the need so that your child can return to school the following day. If your child has head lice, LiceDoctors will clear up the case no matter the severity. Call us day or night at 240-720-7491.