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Blondes With Head Lice

Updated on May 18, 2017

Blondes With Lice

Now that LiceDoctors got those darn lice out of my blonde locks, I can focus again on being a princess! Generally, blonde hair is the easiest color in which to identify nits and lice. Because the color of lice is brown, the lighter background of blonde hair offers a contrast from the dark color of the bugs. Lice nits (eggs) are translucent shells encasing growing brown baby lice. Again, when provided with the contrast of light hair, the nits are able to show up more prominently than when found on brown hair. In order to see the nits, it is important to shine a bright light on the head, even when searching in blonde hair. The brighter the light, the more it reflects off of the translucent shell of the nits. Bringing the person outside to the natural light also helps to make the nits more visible.

Blonde Hair Offers Good Canvas To Identify Lice

Nits in blonde hair

Nits show up prominently in blonde hair. Some people believe that nits are white and therefore blonde hair makes the nits harder to find. In fact, this is not true. Nits show up as brown as the brown bug inside is visible through the translucent shell. If you are seeing white specks in the hair and they flake off, that is likely dry scalp or DEC plugs. If you see sticky white things in the hair, those are most likely product residue. Again, nits appear brown and blonde hair offers a good canvas upon which to identify them.

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