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Bad Advice On Graduation Day Or How To Know When It Is Time For A Professional Lice Technician

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Updated on July 17, 2020

BY LiceDoctors Technician, Sean McGee

No one wants the big milestone events in life to be sidetracked by head lice. LiceDoctors can come to the rescue so you can enjoy all of the happy times. Below LiceDoctors technician Sean talks about one such experience:

I recently had an 18 year old client who had been battling lice for 6 months and just could not get rid of them.  She was using over the counter treatments and noticed that with each treatment, the situation seemed to be getting worse. What she didn’t know, and what the over the counter treatment doesn’t tell you, is that not only does the treatment not kill the eggs, but it doesn’t even kill the live lice a lot of times.  

Most of the chemicals have become ineffective on the lice. Since each adult lays at least 6 eggs a day, when the eggs hatch and begin laying 6 eggs a day, there are a whole lot of eggs being laid every day.  At that rate, nothing short of a professional treatment can be expected to get rid of all of those adults.  

I have had several clients try for 6 months or longer to get rid of the lice, feeling more and more frustrated and embarrassed.  By the time I get there, there are literally hundreds of lice in all degrees of maturity.

This particular girl had been self treating for 6 months and it was graduation time.  essential oils including eucalyptus tea tree citronella.She had a graduation party scheduled and was uncomfortable thinking about having lice in her hair. I was scheduled to come treat her after the graduation party. Her friend told her to put a few drops of tea tree oil extract in her hair and it would kill the live lice so they would not be bothering her during party. So before the guests arrived, she put the tea tree oil in.  Suddenly, those lice got a new life of their own and began crawling around, out of her hair, down across her face and on her neck. What she didn’t know was that tea tree oil acts like pepper spray to the lice, so they just freaked out and tried to get as far away from it as possible. [For more information about Will Tea Tree Oil Kill Lice?]

cartoon graphic of panicked stick figure screaming bulging eyes.My client was hysterical and that was when I got the frantic call to please come immediately (you know that feeling) and get rid of the lice.  I started the treatment on her and combed all of the live lice out. She went to her graduation party and then I completed the treatment. She was able to enjoy her party and I knew that I had helped give her one of the good memories we all deserve in life.

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