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Arvada and Westminster School Head Lice Policies

Arvada and Westminster School Head Lice Policies
Updated on 
May 28, 2019

Schools in the Arvada and Westminster areas do not exclude children from school based on nits or eggs. In Arvada, the schools only request that children be picked up from school when it has been confirmed that they have an active case of live lice. If only nits are observed, then students return to the classroom and notification is sent home with them after school.

Arvada Schools

Student who has been checked and is observed with lice nits:

  • Student returns to class.
  • Parent is contacted that student was checked in the school Health room and is observed with lice nits.
  • Parent of a child that has visible lice or nits receives copy of both the Parent Checklist
  • Notify the school principal when lice nits are observed.
  • Student is re-checked in the school Health room in 10 days.

Student is checked and observed with live head lice:

  • Parent is contacted that student has been checked in the school Health room and is observed with live head lice.
  • Student remains in school Health room while parent makes arrangements to pick up student from school. (It might be the end of the day and student simply goes home.)
  • Parent receives copy of the Parent Letter/Head Lice Checklist above which includes helpful treatment information.
  • Student may go home and receive treatment and then return to school on the same day.
  • Student is re-checked upon return to school and again in 10 days.

Source: Hackberry Hill Elementary Family Resources


With lice cases on the rise district wide, we thought we would share some tips from a parent that has been through the arduous process of eliminating lice and nits. Click here for more information. Click here for a lice FAQ from JeffCo. Know that while it is a nuisance, lice is not a health hazard and is not something that students are excluded from school for. While we will send a letter home to an entire grade if there is a report of lice, we do not disclose student names. We do, however, encourage students to keep their diagnosis private as we are aware of the unfortunate social stigma attached to lice.

Source: Woodrow Wilson Academy

If you suspect that your child has head lice, a professional lice technician can help. Call LiceDoctors in Arvada and Westminster at 720-292-1991 and an experienced lice technician will take care of your family so that your child will be lice-free and ready to return to school the next day.


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