Alhambra and San Marino School Head Lice Policies

alhambra san marino school head lice policy

The Alhambra and San Marino Public School districts encourage treatment of head lice that keeps student absences at a minimum. They do not have a “no nit” policy in their schools in accordance with recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and National Association of School Nurses (NASN).

Their policy states:

If  a  student  is  found  with  active,  adult  head  lice,  he/she  shall  be  allowed  to stay  in  school  until  the  end  of  the  school  day. The parent/guardian  of  any such  student  shall  be  given  information  about  the  treatment of  head  lice  and encouraged  to  begin  treatment  of  the  student  immediately  and  to  check  all members  of  the  family.  The  parent/guardian  also  shall  be  informed  that  the student  shall  be  checked  upon  return  to school  the  next  day  and  allowed  to remain in school if no active head lice are detected. Upon the student's return to school, the school nurse or designee shall check the  student  for  active  head  lice.  If it is  determined  that  the  student  remains infected with head lice, the school nurse or designee shall contact the student's parent/guardian  to  discuss  treatment.    As  needed, he/she  may  provide additional resources and/or referral to the local health department, health care providers, or other agencies.

Source: Pasadena USD Board Policy

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