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Akron and Cuyahoga Falls School Head Lice Policies

Akron and Cuyahoga Falls School Head Lice Policies
Updated on 
September 19, 2019

Schools in Akron and Cuyahoga still retain “no nit” policies with regard to head lice. For your convenience we have found these school policy resources in your area.



  • Any student is found to have a case of head lice or nits will be sent to the Health Office to be re-checked by the school nurse to confirm the presence of head lice.
  • The child will remain in the Health Office until the parent can come to school to pick the child up. If the parent is unavailable, the next individual on the students emergency contact list will be called. Under no circumstances will the student be sent home on the bus.
  • When the parent or other adult arrives to pick the child up, they will be offered a packet of information containing the following: 1.) General information about head lice; 2.) The care and treatment of head lice. The nurse will also inform the parent/adult about the school's policy for return to school.
  • Once a student has been identified with lice, the nurse will check the entire class. A general letter will be sent home to the classroom effected.
  • Once a student is identified with having lice, other siblings in the district will be screened.
  • Students, who have been sent home with lice, must return to school through the Health Office. They must report to the Health Office accompanied by an adult, to be examined by the nurse. Students must be louse and nit-free to be readmitted to school.
  • Students returning to school, who are louse and nit-free, will be re-checked on the seventh school day after readmission to school.
  • If there are repeated cases of lice with a particular student or a student is returned to school several times and head lice or nits are still present, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Patterson and other guidance personnel may be contacted for assistance.
  • In any situation where there are seven or more students in the building identified with lice, the building principal and the school nurse will meet to review the situation.

Source: Akron Central School Health Office


CONTROL OF HEAD LICE Children identified with head lice infestation (pediculosis) will be sent home with the parent or designated adult. Children with working parents or those children who cannot be sent home will remain in school with restrictions on activities that require close personal contact. Parents who visit the school to pick up their children will be given information about the treatment and follow-up of head lice from the school nurse or secretary. Those parents unable to pick up their children will be given the same information over the telephone, if possible. The parent will be given a letter of instructions to take home. When this is not possible, the child will be given the information to take home. They will be instructed in:

  1. Treatment methods for head lice and nits; instruction will cover treatment of the child, his/her clothing and other personal articles.
  2. Identification of nits in the child or other family members and contacts and importance of treatment.
  3. Referral to the local health department applying to head lice, (prescriptions, rechecks, etc.).
  4. How to remove nits from the hair shaft, and the importance of this.
  5. Readmission policy: The child may return to school the morning after treatment. At that time, the child must be free of lice.
  6. A school nurse or school secretary will be assigned to recheck the child’s head the morning he/she returns to school. If nits are found, the parent will be notified and expected to take the child home immediately.

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