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Why LiceDoctors?

  • LiceDoctors makes house calls
  • Over 450,000 clients treated
  • Pricing lower than salons
  • Covered by FSA/HSAs
  • Medical doctor on staff
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Chemical-free protocols
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Available 365 days and nights
  • Totally confidential

Are you a Tempe area resident dealing with a lice problem?

Simply call or schedule an appointment with LiceDoctors and we will dispatch an expert lice technician to your home. Our Tempe lice treatment service uses an all natural treatment that will leave you lice-free.

We are the most experienced and cost-effective lice removal service in the area; we have treated hundreds of thousands of clients over 20 years. LiceDoctors operates under the guidance of a board-certified, on-staff medical doctor and we back our service with a full guarantee! Let's get an expert lice technician to your house today to treat you in absolute privacy.

Why choose us in Tempe?

“How did it get this bad?” parents in Tempe ask us all the time; “I just now noticed it, and she has hundreds of nits!”

Lice are sneaky. If there’s one thing they’ve learned from centuries of passing silently from one human head to another, it’s how to stay undetected for as long as possible. That’s right; lice can’t hibernate in carpets or fly around schools looking for new victims; head lice die after about a day of not being on a human head, so stealthy human-to-human transmission is essential for the survival of their species.  

So, if your child has what looks like a full-blown case of lice, you shouldn’t feel bad about missing it until now. Most parents only start to suspect head lice when their child starts scratching excessively, and that doesn’t usually happen until several weeks after catching lice! LiceDoctors can get rid of any lice infestation from barely noticeable to heavy cases.

Anybody with hair is at risk for getting head lice. Preschool and early elementary school students are most at risk as they are in close proximity to each other throughout the day. They then bring home lice and share it with your families. With LiceDoctors all-natural lice treatment, everyone can be free of lice within a few hours.

Our chemical-free lice and nit removal is effective for eliminating any case of lice, from not even detectable to very bad. We have a 99.6% success rate, so we confidently guarantee that we will figure out for sure exactly which family members have lice and get rid of the infestations for you. Your local Tempe lice professionals are standing by every day, ready to head over to your home and help your family out before anything gets any worse.

Pricing in Tempe

  • The first hour of our in-home lice-removal service (including all associated travel fees up to 100 miles roundtrip) is $199 total.
  • Each additional hour after that would be $99, prorated every 15 minutes.
  • Treatment time varies; our average time to treat a family of 4 is approximately 2.5 - 3 hours (around $300-$400).  Factors affecting treatment time include the amount of hair, number of infested people, and lice severity. Call us to discuss your family’s circumstances.
  • Our unique hourly rates save many families a significant amount compared to places which charge by the hour (which average more like $600-$700 to treat a family of 4).
  • Our services are usually covered by your HSA or FSA; call us to discuss if you have one of these accounts.

Tempe FAQs

LiceDoctors is all about empowering parents, and even offers lice treatment training for parents who WANT to DIY, but who may not have any experience and don’t know where to begin. Conflicting advice from various sites on the Internet leaves most parents confused, and many aggravated parents call us after unsuccessfully treating lice for months, having done way more work than they need to. Instead, why not make LiceDoctors your first call in Tempe when your child comes home with head lice? Your lice specialist as the tools and know-how that comes with years of experience.
LiceDoctors recommends having everyone who lives with the infested child in Tempe checked, since lice may have a weeks-long period before symptoms start. More often than not when a technician checks other family members thoroughly, she finds at least one other person in the family who also has lice. Head lice are extremely contagious. LiceDoctors technicians recommend doing a check on each person in your home so that we can guarantee your lice issues are over. 
Yes, the National Pediculosis Association, based in Newton, Massachusetts is the foremost group of this type. They are big advocates of chemical-free lice treatments and state that the best treatment is combing with a quality lice comb followed up by hand picking of the nits. Combing and nitpicking are always part of our lice treatments in Tempe.

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Client Testimonials

  • “I’ve never posted a review, either positive or negative, but my recent experience with LiceDoctors has led me to write my first one. Specifically, these people rescued me and my family from an incredibly stressful and difficult bout with head lice. Let me back up: it began when one of my daughters returned from being an exchange student. She had lice when she got home, and she knew it, but she was too embarrassed to tell us. She had tried to take care of it on her own, but had only a temporary success. The lice kept popping back. Within months, her brother and sister had it, and the whole family freaked out.

    My husband stayed comparatively calm and searched for answers. Two possibilities made the most sense: in-home treatment and a lice salon. He correctly calculated that the per hour LiceDoctors method was likely to cost less. We called, and the person I spoke to put us at ease immediately. They clearly knew what they were doing. An incredibly competent technician came over, and before we knew it, had treated the children, checked me and my husband, and left us calm and greatly relieved. So, that’s why I felt compelled to review LiceDoctors.” Moira W. in Tempe, Arizona

  • “I am a college student who discovered lice, freaked out, called my mom crying until she called me back to say that LiceDoctors were on their way. I was still freaked out but at least ai stopped crying! Well two hours later I was happy because this super nice lady got the lice and eggs out of my hair. I freaking LOVE these guys!” Jenna V. In Tempe, Arizona

  • “We highly recommend LiceDoctors if any of your children come down with lice. I wasted weeks, and plenty of money, trying to treat my family on my own. It turns out that I should have called sooner. Who knew? Thanks, LiceDoctors!” Andrea T. in Ahwatukee, Arizona

Lice Tips

Head Lice Without Symptoms

view from behind of woman scratching head and fluffing her hair
Some people with head lice itch; others do not! People often ask us if they can have head lice even though they have no symptoms. Truthfully, most people with head lice feel itchy. But not everyone has symptoms. In fact, one person may have a scalp filled with lice feeding off of it, while another person may have only one bug. Strangely, the person who has several lice, may not feel itchy at all, while the person with one louse may feel tremendously itchy.

School Policy

Tempe School Lice Policy

classroom showing desks and chairs and blackboard and maps
Tempe schools view lice as a nuisance so they do not exclude children for the presence of nits in the hair. Once an infested child has begun treatment and the live bugs are gone, he or she may return to the classroom. HEAD LICE/PEDICULOSIS

The Lice Treatment Process

Step By Step Process Explained

Getting rid of head lice does not have to be a stressful experience. Let LiceDoctors take the burden off of you with our chemical-free, safe, effective, and fully guaranteed lice treatment service. We have successfully treated thousands of families and we can help you today!


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