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When you discover that your family has head lice, you want a lice service that is experienced and knows how to get rid of lice every time in every type of hair. With one visit to your home, LiceDoctors cleans out all visible nits and lice and leaves you with a follow-up plan to ensure that the lice do not come back.

LiceDoctors has successfully serviced over 450,000 people. We make house calls (in an unmarked car!) for your maximum comfort and privacy and we come to you at the time that is most convenient for your family. We are Alaska’s only lice treatment service with a medical doctor on staff. Call LiceDoctors in Alaska today at 907-290-2307; we will answer your questions and make appointments from 5 am until 9 pm, 365 days a year. 

Alaska Lice Treatment and Removal

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Client Testimonials

  • LiceDoctors' Phone Number Should Be in Every Pediatrician's Office LiceDoctors tech scores another victory against lice! "Your phone number and website should be in every pediatrician’s office and every school nurse's office to alert families to a safe and effective treatment for head lice. After battling lice in our family for four months, we learned about LiceDoctors. Your tech was super and the treatment worked! It would have saved us hundreds of dollars and hours of aggravation had we known about you early on. I am making it a personal mission to spread the word about LiceDoctors so others don’t go through what we went though. We are grateful to LiceDoctors!" - Mary J. in Big Lake, Alaska

  • There is a better way. Call LiceDoctors today! You Can't Beat the Convenience of LiceDoctors "I am writing to tell you what an AWESOME experience we recently had with your lice treatment service. You can't beat the convenience of making a phone call and having a technician show up at your home and work her magic on your family. I sat back with a glass of wine (I needed that!) and watched her do what I had foolishly tried to do for 4 weeks. Unlike me though, she actually succeeded in getting out all of the lice and nits. I must say, experience matters with head lice! This was money very well spent!" - Kerry K. in Portage, Alaska

  • Treatment Worked and Family is Lice-Free Dad says daughter is finally free of lice thanks to LiceDoctors. "I had heard about in-home lice treatment services but I really didn't think they would come to our house because we live 20 miles out of the city, but when my children's lice problem persisted, I figured it was worth a call. We had tried all the drug store remedies but none of them was ultimately effective. The lice kept coming back. The LiceDoctors phone representative assured us that they could come to our home. I soon learned that the lice problem was that I had never gotten rid of them, not that my kids were being reinfected. The treatment made sense and it worked and we are finally lice-free. Best money spent in a long while!" - Tad Z. in Anchorage, Alaska

  • "I cant believe lice can survive in this cold weather. Resilient little critters. First experience with this nightmare. I went online and found LiceDoctors. They sent a lovely tech to my home and got rid of the infestation. The treatment was all natural and the lice are gone. I give them a 5 star rating!" - Wendy Wasilla, Alaska LiceDoctors Saves the Day and Her Sanity "I found lice in both of my kids' hair so I immediately went online. No way was I doing this myself. LiceDoctors came up #1 in the search so they were the first company I called. A tech was available the same day. Dan came over and worked his magic. We're now lice-free and hopefully won't have to deal with this again. I just breathed a sigh of relief. LiceDoctors saved the day and my sanity." - Anernerk A. in Palmer, Alaska Call LiceDoctors today at 907-290-2307 for same day service.


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