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At LiceDoctors we treat you like family. After all, we are moms whose kids once had lice, too! We know how overwhelming and stressful it is to discover lice in your family. We have grown from a single location to a national lice treatment service that has successfully treated 450,000+ clients. An experienced lice tech will make a house call to your Washington home and treat your family with the privacy, convenience, and flexibility that a home visit offers. Our goal is to completely eradicate the lice while ensuring that your experience is a pleasant one. Your lice technician will use an all-natural treatment protocol that is pesticide-free and 100% guaranteed.

LiceDoctors  is Washington’s only lice treatment service with an on-staff board-certified physician, Dr. Stephen Beck.  With an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, we’re doing something right, and that’s removing lice and nits! Call us today for an appointment; we are available seven days and nights a week, 365 days a year. 

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Over 400,000 Happy Customers
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Client Testimonials

  • "I'm not sure if it was from one of the many sleepovers my daughter and her friends have, from hugging each other a lot, or from somewhere else, but somehow Brianna was scratching like crazy. Well, my fears were confirmed when she showed me a few lice on her scalp. I remembered that one of the other moms said she had heard about an in-home lice company. It took two minutes on Google, and then I was speaking with Jen at LiceDoctors. She calmed my fears and reassured me that the lice would be gone in no time. Well, she was right. LiceDoctors, thanks soooo much." - Erin O. in Everett, Washington.

  • "I am a single mother and needed help with lice picking. I called a few companies and your company had the best prices and the fact that you have a medical doctor raised my confidence level to the highest. It was the best decision and we've seen no more lice in the family. I am so grateful!" - Lori G. in Redmond, Washington.

  • "Was I the only dad in town dealing with this? At least two of my kids (my daughters) had head lice - I was sure of that, but I did not know what to do. Since my work is through the Internet, that's where I looked for help. Well, one site popped up called LiceDoctors, and most of my questions were easily answered. I had some more, so I called the local Seattle phone number. The gal on the phone explained their in-home service and I agreed to a visit from one of their techs. To be sure, she checked all of us and she knew what she was doing! She found lice in one of my sons, and the other son and I were clear. She carefully went through our hair, wet and dry. All I can say is, we have not seen any signs of lice in over a month. I was very pleased with the service LiceDoctors provided." - Mark T. in Seattle, Washington.

  • "The school nurse called with the unpleasant news that both of my sons had head lice. We are on a limited budget and could not afford to waste money on treatments that do not work. The nurse told me that several families had success with LiceDoctors so I called you. You performed quickly and effectively and it was money very well spent. Thank you, LiceDoctors." - Andrea B. in University Place, Washington.


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