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Head lice is an annoyance to anyone who contracts it. We understand how you feel as we have helped over 450,000 people to get rid of it as effortlessly and quickly as possible (and we have had it ourselves!). LiceDoctors technicians are experts in lice removal and come to your home equipped with the know-how, experience, and tools necessary to eliminate your case of head lice for good.

LiceDoctors is unique: we are Oklahoma’s only lice and nit removal service with a medical doctor on staff. Dr. Stephen Beck knew there were safer and more effective treatments for lice than the chemical lice products that were not working for his patients. We are privileged to have Dr. Beck on staff as LiceDoctors Medical Director. We make house calls day and night, every day of the year, and come to you whenever it is convenient for your family.

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Client Testimonials

  • "I want to send a special thank you to the whole LiceDoctors team for working with my family. It was not easy to negotiate this with everybody given that my ex and his girlfriend are not always cooperative. You managed to get them on board and for the first time the family worked together to get rid of a problem that affected our children. Big thumbs up for LiceDoctors. Thank you again!" - Corrine T. In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

  • "When I found out I had lice I tried every product in the stores and nothing would work. A friend told me about this place so I thought I would try it out. Sedena was the lady who helped get the lice out of my hair. She was very friendly and it didn't take long. She told me how to do it myself so the lice wouldn't come back. It was very easy and worked great! I highly recommend calling LiceDoctors!! - Marine A. in Yukon, Oklahoma.

  • "When the school nurse called to tell me that both of my kids had lice I thought I am not going to let this be a big deal. I will simply go out and get the shampoos and take care of it. To be honest, I didn't understand why everyone made a big deal about lice. Well fast forward two weeks and I wanted to pull my hair our (and everyone else's!). My kids kept getting sent home from school every couple of days because nits would reappear. Finally I got smart and called our pediatrician. Her nurse told me that they recommend LiceDoctors so I called them. Smart move and well worth the price. We are very appreciative." - Emily B. in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • "My mother-in-law was screaming at me because she got lice from my daughter, Jenny. She thought I knew she had it and didn't tell her. We don't have a great relationship to begin with but she actually blamed me. I gave her LiceDoctor's number and told her to call and get some help. After she spoke to them and educated herself she actually apologized for her rude behavior. We both ended up hiring LiceDoctors and we are all lice-free. They were great. Just wanted to share that." - Jo L. in Nicoma Park, Oklahoma.


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