Head Lice versus Bed Bugs

In New York,  particularly the city, both bed bugs and head lice plague families. Frankly, given a choice between having had lice or bed bugs, you want head lice. We understand: you don't want either! They both cause itching but bed bugs are more challenging to get rid of than head lice. 
Bed bugs hide in the mattresses and come out in the early morning to feed on humans. Generally you will find bites in a line up the legs. Head lice feed off the blood in the head and live on the scalp as they need human body temperature to survive. Head lice will die if they are off the head for a day; they can not survive on a mattress. Bed bugs can live on mattresses for days. It is easier to find and suffocate head lice than bed bugs. 
If you find little bugs on your mattress or sheets, it is worth checking your head to be sure you do not have head lice. The likelihood is, however, that you have discovered bed bugs. Lice do not like to leave their food source, blood in the head, to hang out in an inanimate object like a bed. 
Close up of adult lice as well as some immature nymphs and eggs.
Head lice are pale brown or even translucent and have six legs.
Close up of bed two adult Bed Bugs
Bed bugs also have six legs but are darker in color than head lice. 

Descriptions of Head Lice and Bed Bugs

Mature bed bugs are oval in shape. They are wingless and are about 1/4 inches long. Generally before a meal of human blood, they have a brown color; after feeding they take on a purple appearance. Baby bed bugs are much lighter in color and are significantly smaller.

Mature head lice are lighter in color than adult bed bugs; they are approximately the size of a sesame seed. Like bed bugs, they are wingless; they have six clawed legs. Head lice feed off the human head three times daily. Bed bugs feed off the human body at a maximum of once daily. Head lice live 30 days; bed bugs live four to six months.

Treatment of Head Lice and Bed Bugs

If you find bed bugs, there are services that deal with that problem. There are exterminators as well as holistic treatments for bed bugs. LiceDoctors Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service will get rid of a head lice infestation, but we are not experts on bed bugs. In both cases, these bugs will not go away by themselves; head lice and bed bug infestations require treatment.100% satisfaction guaranteed medallion

For treatment of head lice infestations in New York City, Long Island (both Suffolk and Nassau counties), Westchester and Rockland counties, Hudson Valley, and upstate New York including Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, and the Albany areas, give us a call at 800-224-2537.
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