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Attempting to get rid of head lice on your own can be a very trying experience. LiceDoctors has the answer to your lice problem with our fully guaranteed, in-home lice treatment and nit removal protocol. LiceDoctors is New York’s leading lice treatment service; read on to see why.

  1. LiceDoctors is the only lice and nit removal service in NY with a physician on staff!
  2. We have successfully treated over 450,000 children and adults.
  3. Our all-natural step by step lice treatment is effective and fully guaranteed.
  4. LiceDoctors makes house calls to you, day or night, 7 days a week in an unmarked to maximize privacy and convenience.
  5. LiceDoctors is recommended by and used by hundreds of pediatricians, school nurses, school and camp administrators, and former clients.
  6. LiceDoctors’ treatment is covered by most FSAs and HSAs
  7. LiceDoctors has earned an “A+” rating with Better Business Bureau .
New York Lice Treatment
Over 400,000 Happy Customers
Discreet In Home Service
All Natural Treatment

Client Testimonials

  • "Louisa came to our house same day service and got my family of 4 deloused in 2 1/2 hours. She was professional courteous and clean. She kept my kids 6 & 4 entertained and was able to comb each of their hair out for 20-30 minutes without complaints. We were cleaned, educated and empowered to finish the follow up ourselves. Definitely money well spent!" Joel W. in New York, New York.

  • "No one wants to speak about head lice, but when we get it, including the entire family, we'll do anything to get rid of it. LiceDoctors was amazing, professional and attentive. We needed a visit to our home by their technicians who worked on each of the kids, and it turns out my husband and I were infested, too. The technician was courteous, and gave us a lot of information to keep us lice-free. I'd recommend them to anyone. And they use discretion in their visits!" Andrea M. in Huntington, Long Island, New York.

  • "LiceDoctors really helped me out. I had been itchy for a couple of weeks but since I don't have kids, it didn't occur to me that I might have lice. By the time, I saw a bug, I had a pretty bad infestation. I tried a drug store shampoo but that didn't work at all. Finally, my boss told me about LiceDoctors. Elizabeth took care of me and I immediately felt better. Since I live by myself, I honestly do not know what I would have done to get rid of all of the nits. It was money really well spent and I have since recommended LiceDoctors to two families I know. Rebecca W. in Albany, New York.

  • "LICE is the worst experience ever but LiceDoctors was the best. They walked in professionally and took over and rid my daughter's head of lice for this episode. Let's hope I don't need them again, but they are on speed dial in case." Laura S. in Rochester, New York.


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