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Do you need help in eliminating your head lice problem? It can be very frustrating trying to tackle this problem on your own especially given that chemical lice treatments are often ineffective. You have come to the right place. LiceDoctors in-home lice treatment service is the only one in New Hampshire with a medical doctor on staff. Our staff of technicians is experienced and provides a calming influence on the family as your technician methodically removes the bugs and their eggs. We have helped more than 450,000 children and adults to get rid of their head lice, naturally and safely. We at LiceDoctors have been helping families to become lice and nit-free for over 20 years.

Your convenience and privacy are important to us, so we come to you, whenever you need us, 365 days a year. We fully guarantee our treatment. Treatments are covered by most FSAs and HSAs and by some insurance plans.

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Client Testimonials

  • "How does anyone get rid of lice on her own head? Call LiceDoctors if you want it done right!" “I am a do-it-yourself mom who was humbled by our lice experience. I was sure that I would vanquish the lice that plagued my family. Let's just skip the gory details (like drug store treatments, doctors' visits, and failed attempts at me picking lice) and get to what FINALLY worked. LiceDoctors, you are awesome!! Your lovely technician, Kelly, is a lice genius. That may seem a little extreme but when you tried as hard and long as I did to get rid of the lice and made no progress and in walks Kelly and gets rid of our lice for good, that makes her a genius in my book. Thank you to Kelly and LiceDoctors. I have given your contact information to several of my friends." - Corinne K. in Concord, New Hampshire.

  • "There is a better way. Call LiceDoctors today!" "I come from a family of doctors, but when my kids got head lice nobody could tell me what to do to get rid of them. In desperation I went online and found LiceDoctors. I was comforted by the fact you have a medical doctor on staff, use all natural ingredients, and have a very long track record of success. I do not often write reviews but I was so impressed with your service that I wanted to let you know how grateful we are. Your process was painless and most of all effective. My girls loved our technician and I am now spreading the word about LiceDoctors to everyone I know." - Luann P. in Manchester, New Hampshire.

  • "My wife and I had heard horror stories about people trying and failing to eliminate lice in their families. So when my kids came home with lice, I asked my business colleague for tips. I knew her kids had had lice and she had used a service that she loved. She gave me your name and we called LiceDoctors right away. Your lice expert was at our house and working diligently to remove the eggs and bugs from our kids' heads. My wife was especially glad that we called you as it turns out she had an active case as well. I was lucky that I did not have anything but I now have peace of mind, not only for myself but for the whole family. Thanks." - Blake B. in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

  • "Hear, hear for LiceDoctors. We had tried to treat our daughter who had a raging case of head lice, but we were so inept at this task that our normally cooperative child would not sit still. She was sick of me pulling, combing, and picking at her head at a case of head lice that we could not get a handle on. Our pediatrician referred us to LiceDoctors and encouraged us to call. I was amazed when the LiceDoctors technician sat her down, explained what she was going to do, and went to work on my daughter who RELAXED and let Louise do her job. Louise was fantastic. Six weeks later, we are still free of lice. This was definitely worth the money we spent!" - Maggie D. in Londonderry, New Hampshire.


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