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Professional Lice Treatment

How I Help My Clients

Professional Lice Treatment

By Head Lice Technician, Sean McGee
April 24, 2020

At LiceDoctors, our mission is to take the burden from you and put this case of head lice in the past.  We make sure that all of the lice eggs are removed and that is where you cannot equal an in-home professional lice treatment service like LiceDoctors.

What is the Best Lice Treatment Near Me? How I Finally Got Rid of Head Lice!

Professional Lice Treatment

By Lynn W. - Client and Guest Writer
April 21, 2020

By the time I found LiceDoctors, I was one step away from committing myself. I am a writer with two young children. I figured that I could kill the lice at home on my own. Lice remediation turned into an epic journey which I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I called LiceDoctors when it was over (thanks to them!) and offered to share with you what we went through so that you do not make the mistakes that I made. 

What is the Best Lice Treatment for You?

Professional Lice Treatment

There are many routes you can take when you discover head lice. You may purchase an over the counter lice shampoo, call your pediatrician, try a homeopathic remedy or a homemade lice treatment, or you may decide to go with a  lice professional.

Lice Treatment For The Entire Family

Lice Pickers Come to St. Louis

Why Should We Check Everyone in the Family for Lice and Nits? The call that we got last week from Erica T. in St. Louis went something like this: "I need your help. I checked my kids and they had some lice and nits. I treated them with lice shampoo and combed through their hair and they are now fine.

Professional Lice Service Guarantee

Professional Lice Service Guarantee

Professional Lice Service Guarantee “LiceDoctors—you literally saved us. I was going out of my mind with laundry, chemical treatments, combing, kids fighting and nothing was working to get rid of the lice—nothing until you came and treated us.

Natural Treatments For Lice

natural treatment for lice

Why use a natural treatment for lice? Why use natural treatments for head lice? Lice have mutated over the past several years and have developed a resistance to many chemical treatments.