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LiceDoctors is your local Kansas head lice removal service. Your lice professional will come to your home whenever you need us, day or night, and use a chemical-free, effective protocol to clear you and your family. We are proud to say that we have turned over 450,000 lice-infested clients into lice-free clients!  In addition, LiceDoctors is the only lice treatment service in Kansas with a medical doctor on staff.

We use all natural ingredients and have affordable prices. LiceDoctors is available 7 days a week, day or evening. We have a phone expert available from early morning until after midnight to answer any of your questions or to set up an appointment for you. Call us to learn about our fully guaranteed in-home lice treatment service!

kansas lice treatment and removal

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Client Testimonials

  • “As an elementary school teacher I have watched kids in my classes come down with lice throughout recent years. My own kids complained that one day I would bring home a case to them. Ironically, it was one of my own kids who brought home a case to me. She had a horrible case before we could diagnose it and the school nurse said she probably had it for two months. When I looked in her head I knew it was too much for me to handle so I called LiceDoctors, which is the company that our school nurse recommends. The technician was at my house within one hour and took care of us carefully and effectively. She cleaned my daughter and me and checked the rest of my family who were lice-free. We all feel a high level of confidence in the service. We are so grateful to LiceDoctors that I have recommended them to other parents.” - Lindsey W. in Lawrence, Kansas

  • "I can’t thank you enough for your quality lice service. Trying to deal with our family's lice situation was quickly becoming traumatic for us. Just when I thought I was going to lose it, I had to bring my other daughter to the pediatrician for a sore throat. I happen to mention to him that we were combating head lice and he quickly gave me your name and number. It was in a way a blessing in disguise that my other daughter had that sore throat! Your service was quick and efficient but extremely thorough. Your technician had a lovely manner and made us feel calm and confident that we were in good hands. Thank you so much. We are very appreciative of LiceDoctors." - Megan R. in Newton, Kansas

  • "Yes, I loved the service. Y'all really helped our family and put our minds at ease. And thank you for the friendly service. Even grandma (a former emergency room nurse) was impressed!' - Taylor F. in Kansas City, Kansas

  • "With two girls with waist-long hair, we had been continuously battling head lice for some time. A friend reminded me about LiceDoctors and they have been our very own head lice warriors. Not only did the technician slay the head lice beasts, but gave us many preventative measures to ensure we are head lice free. We’ve been free of the beasts for three months now and know that if we happen to be unlucky to get them again, our warrior LiceDoctors will fight the battle and win!" - Trisha L. in Wichita, Kansas


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