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Make us your first call! Over 450,000 clients have used our in-home services and we are so confident of the effectiveness of our treatment protocols that we offer a 100% guarantee. LiceDoctors is Indiana’s only lice removal service that has a physician on staff.  Our treatment not only works, but is affordable and recommended by healthcare professionals. Our pricing is among the lowest in the area. We offer 7 days a week service, with same day service. The Better Business Bureau gives LiceDoctors an “A+” rating!

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Over 400,000 Happy Customers
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Client Testimonials

  • "When you get the phone call that your son/daughter has lice you feel overwhelmed with what to do. We had tried several over the counter shampoos, nothing seemed to worked. I began to feel hopeless, that was of course until I did a simple google search and found the LiceDoctors. I was able to call in the afternoon and had someone at my home when it was convenient for me that evening. She was prompt, friendly, and very knowledgeable. She knew everything I was going to ask before I could even ask and reassured me that all would be taken care of. She was right! This is SO worth the money!" - Jenny F. in Indianapolis, Indiana

  • "I just wanted to show my gratitude by writing a review for LiceDoctors. My 2 daughters and my son and wife all had lice and we tried and tried to get rid of them by ourselves. We tried washing our heads several times a day to putting mayonnaise in, to kerosene and everything in between to try to kill them, we tried every remedy that we could think of or that we heard of….this went on for about a month to no avail. Finally we called LiceDoctors and when Jaimi arrived we were already assured that she knew how to help us. She was professional, reassuring, confident and took control as soon as she walked in. My wife was breaking down into tears when Jaimi was working with our children... mostly with relief. We followed the directions that Jaimi left with us and my family has finally conquered the Lice. After that first night we knew that our dilemma was over. If you're having a lice issue, don't do what we did, don't waste time and money, just call LiceDoctors and hopefully you'll get Jaimi, she saved my family AND my marriage…. Thank you!!" - Det James in Lebanon, Indiana

  • "My daughter went to a slumber party three weeks ago and guess what showed up in her head a week later? Actually all of the girls who were at the party except for two got lice. My friend Sandy whose daughter hosted the party felt terrible and did research and learned all about LiceDoctors. We all used your service and you did a terrific job on all of us. We are also grateful." - Whitney L. in Hammond, Indiana

  • "I highly recommend LiceDoctors to parents, schools, camps or any where else where children are present. They have a technique developed by a doctor that really works. We had a pretty bad case in my family and LiceDoctors was the only treatment that worked. We even tried another lice service first with no success. I am very thankful to LiceDoctors." - Danielle F. in Merrillville, Indiana


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