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Indianapolis School Lice Policy


The Indiana state government web site does not endorse any particular head lice policy, but most school systems no longer support a “no-nit” policy.

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Orange County School Lice Policy

Orance County CA School Lice Policy Listings

Irvine’s policy deviates substantially and is the strictest one we found. It reads as such: “Any student found to have head lice, detected by a live louse or lice eggs (nits),will be removed from the classroom and excluded from attendance. The parent will receive written instructions on the treatment of head lice and a verification of treatment form that must be signed by the parent before the student can be readmitted.

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Why Doesn't Alaska's Cold Weather Kill Lice?

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Anyone who has had head lice knows how annoying it can be, but you can not harness the cold to get rid of them. One benefit of the cold and long Alaskan winter is that there are no bugs...right? Not so fast. Head lice are oblivious to the cold weather

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Denver and Boulder Head Lice Infestation

Lice Treatment Removal In Denver and Boulder

Denver and Boulder head lice infestations are very common among pre-school and elementary school children. Because lice are so contagious, often the families of these children will have the head lice infestation, as well. In fact, in over 70% of families, if one child has lice, another family member has it as well.

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How Do you KNOW if you are Looking at a Nit (Louse Egg)?

Identifying nits can be challenging. We take out the guesswork; Offering expert advice and helpful solutions.

Back to school? or Back to Lice!

Head Lice in School or What is Going on There Anyway?

Lice are common as children return to school, find out why; chemical treatments don't work on Super Lice, but help is available!

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Lice in the Home: You Don’t Need to Bag Your Children’s Stuffed Animals!

One fewer battle in the war on lice. Good news; you don't need to quarantine your child's plush toys!  Stuffed animals that are hard to sleep without do not need to be bagged up and kept out of comfort's reach. Let LiceDoctors help you and let your child have his or her stuffed friend!



Our priority is to get rid of the head lice and the stress with thorough and friendly care in the comfort of your home! Treatments are all-natural, safe, and effective. We offer a 30-day guarantee and have an A+ rating from the BBB! We're the only lice treatment service with a physician on staff and have treated over 450,000 clients! Call us and an expert technician will be at your home when you need us, 7 days and nights a week.


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