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Doctor Breck answers lice questions

Dr. Beck Answers Your FAQS About Head Lice

Doctor Breck answers lice questions

Dr. Stephen Beck, LiceDoctors’ Medical Director, answers some frequently asked questions about head lice.

Lice Free Kids Studying in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Area School Lice Policies

Lice Free Kids Studying in Fort Lauderdale

This district retains its “no nit” lice policy which stipulates that students with head lice or nits are not permitted in school until they are all clear. In 2014, schools dropped the “no nit” policy but re-instated it due to push-back from concerned parents.

Girl can focus on math instead of itchy head lice.

Weston School Lice Policies

Girl can focus on math instead of itchy head lice.

Weston schools have a “no nits” head lice policy, which means they do not allow students in school if there are lice or eggs present on the head. The school lice policy is as follows:


LiceDoctors comes to your home and uses all natural, safe, and effective treatment to eliminate the head lice. Your technician will educate you and leave you and your family armed with the information to remain lice and nit free. We are the only lice treatment service with a medical doctor on staff and our record speaks for itself: Over 400,000 successfully treated clients! 


The day finally came that I had dreaded... Lice! We discovered our unwanted guests late on a Saturday night and immediately fell into panic. I was so relieved to see that a 7:30 am call the next day had Sean at our door not too much later. He took great care of us and made sure to educate me along the way, too. Thanks so much! I will be able to sleep well tonight! Do not hesitate to call LiceDoctors. You won't regret it!   

Jenni Bradley
Tampa, Florida

I'm so grateful for this company! I called them on a Friday morning in a panic, and a technician arrived a few hours later (amid the threat of a winter weather event, too). She treated everyone in the family and found things that I had missed on the kids. I could barely see the stuff she was easily able to spot. I also love that they used olive oil, because I'm 8 months pregnant and don't need a bunch of chemicals around me.

Caroline C.
Atlanta, GA