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Oceanside and Rockville Centre School Head Lice Policies

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Each school district has its own school lice policy. The school nurses in the below districts are the gatekeepers regarding lice. Students must be examined by the school nurse before being admitted to school.

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10 Signs of Head Lice

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Not sure if you have lice, LiceDoctors Technician Kelli shares some telltale signs:

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Mount Juliet and Lebanon School Head Lice Policies

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Students in Wilson county must be LICE free before returning to school.

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Chemical Lice Treatments: Pick Your Poison

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Why put something that may be toxic onto the heads of your loved ones? There are safer and more effective treatments available!

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Westfield and Noblesville School Head Lice Policies

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Schools in Westfield and Noblesville do not have “no nit” school” lice policies.

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“I Believe Lice Can Fly”: Myths and Misconceptions about Lice

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In Atlanta as elsewhere in the country there are many enduring myths surrounding head lice, and here Technician Chelsea sets us right about a few. 

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“Nailed It!”: Why DIY Lice Treatments Can’t Measure Up

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We've all seen the images of Pinterest "Fails" where amateurs attempt to re-create what professionals do with ease, only to fall very short of the target. In Austin and elsewhere, DIY head lice treatments often fail, and here LiceDoctors Technician Chelsea discusses why. 

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Can You Get Head Lice From Cats?

We know that kitty is a member of your family. Does that mean that he or she can get head lice when your kids have it? Can you actually catch lice from your cat?


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