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Back To School – The Head Lice Guidelines All Parents Should Give Their Children

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Parents should give their children guidelines on how to protect themselves from getting a case of lice from their classmates. Advice varies depending on the age of the child.

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Visalia and Hanford School Head Lice Policies

cartoon children seated at table while teacher writes on blackboard.

Schools in Visalia have let go of stringent "no nit" policies in favor of a "no lice" policy, but Hanford schools still retain a strict "no nit" policy.

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Huntington School Head Lice Policy

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Several school districts in the area of Huntington have differing policies for how to manage head lice in the school Here you will find several distingt policies:

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Do Medications Kill Head Lice?

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The short answer is: often NO. Many of our phone calls are from frustrated folks who have tried and tried and tried again to get rid of head lice using chemicals but those persistent pests keep returning.

line art drawing of head lice life cycle egg or nit, nymph stages, adult louse

The Life Cycle of Lice OR How Can I Get Rid of these Bugs and LICE Eggs?

close up of adult lice louse and eggs nits and nymphs

When dealing with head lice, it helps to understand their life cycle. Pulling off nits (lice eggs) is a different process from killing lice bugs.

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Oyster Bay and Glen Cove School Head Lice Policies

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Schools in Oyster Bay and Glen Cove still hold to strict “no nit” head lice policies, which means that your child will not be re-admitted to the classroom until no live lice or eggs or nits are present.

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Will Head Lice Go Away If Left Untreated?

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You find lice in your child’s hair and you try to treat it. After lice shampoos fail, you start to wonder, if I ignore this problem, will it go away eventually? Unfortunately the answer is a definite NO.


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