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Additional Likely Ways to Get Head Lice - Part 2

Head lice are transferred from person to person via close contact. Here are commonplace scenarios in which lice may be transmitted.

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How to Prevent Head Lice

Unless you live in a bubble, there is a chance that you may get head lice. There are some strategies to help ward off head lice.

Woman in driver's seat looking over her shoulder at infant in back seat


Woman in driver's seat looking over her shoulder at infant in back seat

Convenience, Confidentiality and Flexibility are just a few of the many advantages of a professional in-home lice treatment service.

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Head Lice School Policies Causing Heated Debates Across the U.S.

Two sides of the issue of whether children with head lice should be admitted to school.

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Here’s the Life Cycle of Head Lice

The treatment of head lice must be tailored to the stage of the louse in order to be effective.

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Pregnant and Not Sure How to Treat Your Case of Head Lice?

While LiceDoctors is opposed to the use of chemical lice treatments under any circumstance, we double-down on that stance when it comes to pregnancy and head lice.


LiceDoctors comes to your home and uses all natural, safe, and effective treatment to eliminate the head lice. Your technician will educate you and leave you and your family armed with the information to remain lice and nit free. We are the only lice treatment service with a medical doctor on staff and our record speaks for itself: Over 400,000 successfully treated clients!