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School Lice Policy—Richmond and Charlottesville and surrounding areas

In the Richmond, Virginia area, schools generally maintain “no nit” policies which is in line with advice from t

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Symptoms of Head Lice

It can be tricky determining if you or your children have lice. Often people need help with diagnosis and treatment. LiceDoctors is here to help.

Backbacks and Lice

Riverside County's Lice Policy

Backpacks and Lice

Some schools in Riverside County have a “no nit” policy, which prevents children from entering school until there is no sign of lice or eggs. Other schools leave it to the discretion of the nurse and allow children into the classroom as long as they are free of bugs.

Do you have to do Laundry after Lice

Head Lice, Laundry, and Vacuuming

Laundry and Lice

Do not waste a lot of time washing your clothes; when it comes to head lice, your time is better spent focused on the head, not the house. Lice Only Survive Off the Head for Hours.

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Likely Ways to Get Head Lice - Part 1

Head lice are transferred from person to person via close contact. Here are commonplace scenarios in which lice may be transmitted.

Dogs and Head Lice

Can Your Pet Give You Head Lice?

Enjoy your pet.. it is not likely that he or she will give you head lice!

Dogs and Head Lice

Can Your Pet Give You Head Lice?

Dogs and Head Lice

One of the most frequently asked questions about head lice is: “Can I get lice from my dog or cat?” The short answer is NO (with a little qualification).  Head lice are hearty, but they are picky.

Long Beach CA School Lice Policy

Long Beach California Area School Lice Policies

Long Beach CA School Lice Policy

The Long Beach School District Lice Policy “mandates that a child that is found to have live lice will be dismissed from school. Once the child has been treated with the appropriate shampoo . . 


LiceDoctors comes to your home and uses all natural, safe, and effective treatment to eliminate the head lice. Your technician will educate you and leave you and your family armed with the information to remain lice and nit free. We are the only lice treatment service with a medical doctor on staff and our record speaks for itself: Over 400,000 successfully treated clients! 


The day finally came that I had dreaded... Lice! We discovered our unwanted guests late on a Saturday night and immediately fell into panic. I was so relieved to see that a 7:30 am call the next day had Sean at our door not too much later. He took great care of us and made sure to educate me along the way, too. Thanks so much! I will be able to sleep well tonight! Do not hesitate to call LiceDoctors. You won't regret it!   

Jenni Bradley
Tampa, Florida

I'm so grateful for this company! I called them on a Friday morning in a panic, and a technician arrived a few hours later (amid the threat of a winter weather event, too). She treated everyone in the family and found things that I had missed on the kids. I could barely see the stuff she was easily able to spot. I also love that they used olive oil, because I'm 8 months pregnant and don't need a bunch of chemicals around me.

Caroline C.
Atlanta, GA