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From A Tucson Mother

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“Please help me. I have been picking nits from my children’s’ heads for the past week. I thought I was done and this morning I found a bug and more nits. I also have no one to check my head” This is a call that we got this morning from a mom in Tucson and it is very typical of the calls that we get from people with head lice".

Do Most Parents Know What Head Lice and Nits Look Like?

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Head lice and nits are easier to identify on a paper towel than in the hair. Carolyn, a mom in Little Rock, was discussing the latest outbreak of head lice at her son's school with a few of her friends over coffee. It turned out that while all of the women feared getting a call from the school nurse, none of them actually knew what to look for in their child's hair.

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Having Head Lice Means You Have Friends (and we are not talking about the lice!)

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Head lice are found more commonly on social people as the way lice are transmitted is through head to head contact. You see your child scratching his or her head furiously. Your first thought is "Oh my god. What If she has head lice?"

How Long Does It Take For Lice Eggs To Hatch?

Suzanne M, a mom from San Bernardino called us last month and with a worried tone in her voice asked how long she can expect it to take until the lice eggs (nits) hatch that she found in her son's hair? Suzanne explained that she felt that was in a race against the clock and wanted to get those nits out of the hair before they hatch. She wasn't sure if she needed professional lice removal help.

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Checklist When Hiring a Professional Lice Treatment Service

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Depending on where you live, there may be multiple lice treatment options. For example, in an area the size of Los Angeles, it is inevitable that there are several lice treatment services. How is a person supposed to know what to look for? As Jenny W. in Long Beach told us . . 

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Tea Tree Oil and Head Lice

Does Tee Tree Oil Kill Head Lice

Does tea tree oil actually work to kill head lice? How about tea tree oil killing nits? A group of students from UC Irvine in Orange County called us to say that they had heard that applying tea tree oil to the hair was an effective way to get rid of nits and lice. They were calling us to see if this was true. There is some truth to that but there is also some fallacy.

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Denver and Boulder Head Lice Infestation

Lice Treatment Removal In Denver and Boulder

Denver and Boulder head lice infestations are very common among pre-school and elementary school children. Because lice are so contagious, often the families of these children will have the head lice infestation, as well. In fact, in over 70% of families, if one child has lice, another family member has it as well.


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