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What is the Best Lice Treatment for You?

There are many routes you can take when you discover head lice. You may purchase an over the counter lice shampoo, call your pediatrician, try a homeopathic remedy or a homemade lice treatment, or you may decide to go with a  lice professional.

LiceDoctors technician treating a smiling child

LiceDoctors Makes House Calls So You Don’t Have to Schlep Your Kids To a Salon

LiceDoctors technician treating a smiling child

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Why Do the Lice Keep Coming Back or Why is it so Difficult to Get Rid of the Lice on My Own?

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LiceDoctors comes to your home and uses all natural, safe, and effective treatment to eliminate the head lice. Your technician will educate you and leave you and your family armed with the information to remain lice and nit free. We are the only lice treatment service with a medical doctor on staff and our record speaks for itself: Over 400,000 successfully treated clients!